Is the Volvo S60R reliable?

Is the Volvo S60R reliable?

The S60R is underrated, under-appreciated, and overlooked, but is it a reliable used car? That depends on how you define reliability. In terms of longevity, yes, S60Rs are known for being able to run for 200,000 or even 300,000 miles.

Which Subaru WRX is the most reliable?

What year is the most reliable Subaru WRX? The 2004 Subaru WRX is generally regarded to be the most reliable model year. This is based on the total number of complaints that have been filed per year. The 2005 through 2007 model years also generally are considered to be more reliable than the earlier and later years.

How much HP can a S60R handle?

The evo’s and sti’s can handle a S*** load of power stock. The S60 R will probably do 375+HP/TQ stock, but once you go over 400+…you might look at internals/driveterrain. The EVO’s and STI’s have one of the best if not thee best AWD in the world.

Does the Subaru WRX have a lot of problems?

Subaru WRX problems prompting the most owner complaints One major issue drivers have cited with the Subaru WRX is internal engine failure. An engine’s many moving parts can become costly to replace or repair. The WRX doesn’t have the best reputation in this area, according to owners.

Is the Volvo s60r AWD?

First introduced in 2004, Volvo’s S60 R used a Haldex all-wheel-drive system mated to a 300 PS (221 kW; 296 hp) / 400 N⋅m (300 lbf⋅ft) inline-5. The 2004–2005 models came with a 6-speed manual transmission, or an available 5-speed automatic which allowed only 258 lb⋅ft (350 N⋅m) torque in 1st and 2nd gears.

Can a WRX last 200k miles?

But, in general, you can expect a Subaru to run for over 200,000 miles. That’s good news for fans of the Subaru WRX, boasting a stunning new exterior design and a better turbocharged engine.

What does the R stand for on Volvo?

The R-Design package is a “sporty design concept,” and the models that carry the label are “meant to recapture the thrill of driving,” Volvo of Austin explains. Upgrading to an R-Design trim not only gives the vehicle a sportier look but also improves performance, so it’s not just an aesthetic makeover.