Is the Schlesinger group legit?

Is the Schlesinger group legit?

Schlesinger is absolutely the worst company I’ve worked for. The management was terrible and didn’t care about people. I was there almost three years and NEVER got a raise. The environment was entirely too stressful for the hourly wage.

What does the Schlesinger group do?

Schlesinger Group is the leading international data collection and research services company. We provide the most innovative technology-led market research services for any research methodology worldwide. We seek great talent, believing we are only as outstanding as the people on our team.

Where is the Schlesinger group located?

Schlesinger New York City |Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection. Self-serve solutions for every step in your research process.

How many employees does Schlesinger group have?

500 employees
Schlesinger Group is a medium professional company with 500 employees and an annual revenue of $11.1M that is headquartered in New Jersey.

What do focus groups pay?

Each focus group will be different, but you can expect to make from $30 to $150 per focus group (although some very specific focus groups can pay up to $450 for an hour of your time!). The amount you will receive will depend on the time you’ve spent, which is normally an hour or two.

Do you pay taxes on focus groups?

A: You are taxable on income from all sources which includes the focus income. Even though you do not receive a form from the focus group, you must still include the income on your returns and it is taxable for regular tax purposes.

How do you get picked for focus groups?

How to Run a Focus Group

  1. Choose your topic of discussion.
  2. Choose your questions or discussion prompts.
  3. Prepare your focus group questionnaire.
  4. Appoint a notetaker.
  5. Recruit and schedule participants.
  6. Get consent and start the discussion.
  7. Have everyone introduce themselves.
  8. Ask your questions.

Is Paid focus group legit?

Are paid focus groups legitimate? Paid focus groups are definitely a legitimate way to make money. There are dozens of major market research companies out there that rely on focus groups for shaping their customers’ activities, which means they pay very well for you to participate in these.

How much do focus group moderators make?

Salary for a focus group moderator The national average salary for a moderator is $15.41 per hour . However, the salary for focus group moderators may differ. As mentioned, a market research analyst represents a similar career, and its national average salary is $57,086 per year .

Do focus groups pay cash?

You’ll normally get paid in cash, via PayPal, check, or gift cards. Some market research companies pay with points that you can redeem using a specific credit card.

What Does Schlesinger mean?

Schlesinger is a German surname (in part also Jewish) meaning “Silesian” and may refer to: Adam Schlesinger (1967–2020), American composer and musician.

How do you pronounce schleuniger?

Schleuniger (pronounced SHLOI-NI-GER) is a technology company and a supplier to the wire processing industry.

How much do you get paid to be in a focus group?

How Much You Can Expect to Earn With Paid Focus Groups. Each focus group will be different, but you can expect to make from $30 to $150 per focus group (although some very specific focus groups can pay up to $450 for an hour of your time!).

How much can you make from paid focus groups?

Focus groups normally pay between $50 and $400, and in some cases, you may not even need to leave your home! Interviews are conducted in groups, by phone, or online—depending on the amount of time assigned to that particular study.

How much do focus groups pay?

Ipsos i-Say Their paid focus groups will generally let you earn up to around $100 for a one-hour session, however you can also download the i-Say app to do surveys through your phone. These will only pay up to about $1.50 per survey, although they’re much faster than the focus group sessions.

How do you become a certified focus group moderator?

How to become a focus group moderator

  1. Gain a bachelor’s degree. Employers typically seek focus group moderators who have a degree in a relevant field.
  2. Gain internship experience.
  3. Seek full-time opportunities.
  4. Consider a master’s degree.
  5. Pursue certifications.