Is the Philips Ambilight any good?

Is the Philips Ambilight any good?

Using their LED light technology on the back of the TV, Philips Ambilight offers coloured lighting to match the content or sound on screen. We looked at this in their 75 Inch LED TV, it’s awesome – but when you have OLED picture quality paired with this additional ambient lighting, its a real winner.

Is Philips Ambilight a smart TV?

Philips 43PUS7906 / 12 43 inch LED Android TV, 4K Smart TV with Ambilight, HDR image, Dolby Vision and Atmos sound, compatible with Google Assistance and Alexa, black with slim feet.

What is the benefit of Ambilight TV?

Philips Ambilight adds a colorful dimension to watching television. The lamps in the edges of the TV light up the wall in the colors of the screen. This makes the screen appear bigger while being less straining on the eyes watching TV in the dark. During parties, you can use the Ambilight TV for ambient lighting.

Does Philips Ambilight work on a dark wall?

Adjust the settings for your wall colour Very light or even white walls are great for Ambilight but you can also change the settings to suit any wall colour – even dark walls. Ambilight LEDs use a complete colour spectrum, so the system cleverly adjusts to any ambience.

Is Ambilight good for eyes?

In a (dark) home cinema room lighting condition (7 lux room lighting level) Ambilight can reduce eye strain in 60-90% of the people dependent on the Ambilight setting and the nature of the film/programme.

Does an Ambilight TV need to be against a wall?

Good to know about Ambilight Ambilight can be used on any wall, whether the TV is installed on base or on wall, however, following are some tips to make sure you get the most our of your ambilight TV…

Is Ambilight good for movies?

Deep black levels and space scenes make superb bedfellows, but it is the nuances in the shades in-between that can be lost on a less worthy television. You’d also think that Ambilight wouldn’t come into play much, but the subtle lighting brings yours eyes to the action.

Is Philips a good TV?

Philips TVs have a generally good reputation when it comes to consumer electronics, such as smart TVs. You are unlikely to have any problems with their TVs, particularly their OLED models. Philips may not be as prominent as other brands, but they won’t let you down.

How long does Philips Ambilight last?

Philips TVs have an average lifespan of around 40,000 to 60,000 hours, which translates to around six years. However, this is with nearly round-the-clock usage and settings like contrast and brightness on full blast.