Is The Departed a good movie?

Is The Departed a good movie?

With its clever plot, excellent acting and expert direction, The Departed is without doubt the year’s best film so far. If this really is going to be his last gangster film (he has said so), as well as his last studio-endorsed picture, Scorsese can be proud, given the masterpiece he has given us.

Was Dignam a mole?

You could as well see it as Dignam was a rat even though it’s not mentioned, NOTE: there is no connection to Dignam or to anything that happens after he is putt on administrative leave, and now after all this went down, he has come to clean up the mess.

What is the point of The Departed?

Scorsese’s The Departed tells the story of two men serving as double agents—one for the Irish Mob and one for the Boston PD. They are the same, yet opposites. They even share a love interest in common. If they weren’t working for rival organizations, you’d almost assume they’d be best friends in another life.

Is The Departed overrated?

The answer is that The Departed is the most overrated movie of the year so far and Nicholson gives the most overrated performance. Nicholson is not playing Frank Costello, he is playing Jack Nicholson, and his performance is so over-the-top that it’s funny.

Was Costigan the father?

Guys tend to make a big deal out of it. It’s actually quite common.” Later, when Madden tells Sullivan that she is pregnant, she doesn’t reveal the identity of the father. The allusion is that the father is Billy Costigan (DiCaprio), with whom she had an affair, and not Sullivan, who is impotent.

Is departed a comedy?

Though “The Departed” has flourishes of black comedy throughout, it’s not “Prizzi’s Honor”; it’s a truly dark movie in which many people die horribly, and ending on a goofy visual pun makes fools of the audience for caring.

How is The Departed Quora?

One of the best films of the 21st century, The Departed keeps you on the edge of your seat and is incredibly exhilarating and the characters are incredibly well written and given great backstory. The ending will shock you and everything that comes before is some of Martin Scorsese’s best work.

Did Costigan get madolyn pregnant?

Yes, both Costigan and Sullivan fall for the same lady, Madolyn, at different points in the movie. Eventually, it’s revealed that Madolyn has fallen pregnant, though we’re never specifically told which of her two lovers the baby actually belongs to. Isn’t there a scene where Sullivan can’t get it up?