Is Kedron a good caravan?

Is Kedron a good caravan?

Some builders of off-road style caravans state if they are deemed to be misused from excessive corrugations or the like, this can void their warranty. KEDRON® has a solid reputation, tested over time, of a fantastic support base, Australia-wide if required.

How much is a Kedron xc5?

around $139,500
Gall said Kedron’s latest four tonne XC-5 is priced around $139,500 (on road Queensland).

How much is a Kedron Topender?

PRICE AS SHOWN $157,360 The full feature appeared in Caravan World #574.

How much does a Kedron caravan weigh?

Kedron’s AT5 is a van built for the serious offroad stuff, there’s no doubt about that. For a start, it is in the heavyweight league with a Tare mass of 3065kg and an ATM of 3500kg.

Are Kedron caravans made in Australia?

Now, together with sons, grandchildren and extended KEDRON® team, manufacture their own brand of caravans, proudly supporting a large percentage of Australian made components into the builds.

Where is Kedron caravans made?

Like all Australian manufacturers Kedron sources at least some of its caravan parts from China, but otherwise sources many components for its Brisbane-built vans locally including the rugged galvanised chassis used for its heavyweight vans.

Where are Kedron caravans made?

What are Kedron caravans made of?

The caravan has a new hot-dipped galvanised chassis, interlocked aluminium frame, insulated roof and walls and trailing arm coil suspension with dual shock. Furniture is made with a lighter timber but still v-nailed for strength with metal side ply-base draws and positive locking marine grade cupboard catches.

Who won caravan of the year 2021?

Holiday Haven Lake Conjola
REVIEWPRO CARAVAN PARK OF THE YEAR 2021 WINNERS And from napkin etchings, we can revealed that Holiday Haven Lake Conjola hit Gold, taking out the highest honour for 2021 in the ReviewPro Caravan Park of the Year category.

How does the Kedron XC3 work?

Fitted between the chassis rails are three polyethylene water tanks: 100L for everyday use and 60L for drinking. To keep the XC3’s body rigid as it traverses the tracks, Kedron employs an aluminium interlocked frame, with high tensile steel rivets, except in the roof where the frame is welded.

How big is the toilet tank on a Kedron XC3?

The grey tank has a 60L capacity but the real limiter is probably the 18L toilet cassette tank. Kedron’s XC3 is built in the same style as all its vans with a hot-dipped galvanised chassis that has a 150x50mm (6x2in) drawbar and chassis rails.

Is the Kedron compact a good offroad caravan?

For a start, the Compact weighs in at 1975kg, a very good weight for an offroad caravan. It’s going to be ideal for smaller tow vehicles or much less work for larger ones. Secondly, it’s only 5m (16ft 4in) long, which is good for some of those undulating bush tracks the Kedron team likes to travel along.

Is the Kedron cross country any good?

We were very happy with our Kedron Cross Country. Our model was 2002and was great. It is an older caravan now but well built and will go on tracks and a little rough. terrain. We upgraded to a Kedron ATV2 mainly because I wanted a washing machine, 3 solars and 3 batteries and a diesel heater and all these extras could not be built on a single axle.