Is Gwithian a dog friendly beach?

Is Gwithian a dog friendly beach?

The Godrevy section of the beach is dog friendly from 6pm to 9am during the summer months from May 1st to September 30th (shaded red). There is a small area at Gwithian where dogs are allowed on a lead (shaded yellow) to access the remaining 2 1/4 miles of year-round doggy heaven (shaded green).

Who was St Gwithian?

Gwithian is the patron saint of good fortune on the sea.

Are there lifeguards on Gwithian beach?

Beach information When on a lifeguarded beach, find the red and yellow flags and always swim or bodyboard between them – this area is patrolled by lifeguards. Never swim alone.

Which beaches in Hayle are dog friendly?

Dog friendly beaches all year St Ives area and Hayle Cornwall

  • Bamaluz beach. St Ives Cornwall.
  • Beachview Beach. Hayle Cornwall.
  • Mexico Towans Beach. Hayle Cornwall.
  • Portheras Cove beach. St Just Cornwall.
  • Upton Towans Beach. Hayle Cornwall.

Which part of Hayle beach is dog friendly?

Riviere Towans beach is dog friendly with dogs allowed on the beach all year round. Hayle Towans is the closest section of the beach to Hayle. The Towans can be accessed by footpath across the small bridge in Hayle or via Phillack.

Can you swim at Godrevy beach?

Enjoy and explore. There’s so much to see and do around Godrevy, for all ages and at all times of the year. Walk up and around the headland and spot the wildlife, or go swimming, paddling, surfing or rock-pooling.

Is Godrevy beach sandy?

A vast sandy beach, high cliffs and dramatic coves.

Does Hayle have a beach?

Hayle Beach is an excellent 3 mile sandy beach that stretches from the Hayle Estuary to Gwithian Towans and Godrevy Point. The lower part of the beach is close to the town of Hayle and comprises different sections of beach known as Harveys Towans, Hayle Towans, The Towans, Black Cliff and Mexico Towans.

Where is Gwithian Towans?

A short distance to the east of the village is Gwithian Towans, which is an area of coastal duneland that forms part of The Towans. Gwithian Beach stretches three miles from the Hayle River mouth to the Red River mouth at Godrevy.

How did Gwithian get its name?

Gwithian is in the civil parish of Gwinear-Gwithian (where the 2011 census population was included ). Gwithian has a pub, the Red River Inn, which was formerly named the Pendarves Arms. The pub takes its name from the nearby Red River which, in turn, got its name from the discolouration caused by mining effluent.

Why visit Gwithian and St Ives Bay?

The magnificent beach of Gwithian and St Ives Bay is always a colourful scene of windsurfers and surfers in the water, windbreaks on the beach and kites in the sky. Walk over the sand dunes tufted with wild grass and watch as the tide reveals a three mile long beach with a vast amount of sand to enjoy.

What is St Gwithian the patron saint of?

The church and relics of St Gwithian or Gocianus, built in 490, were uncovered from the beach and dunes during the early part of the 19th-century, but were then allowed to be reclaimed by the shifting sands. Gwithian is the patron saint of good fortune on the sea.