Is Greece good for nightlife?

Is Greece good for nightlife?

Greece nightlife is also famous with some of the best clubbing hotspots in the world. If you are looking for an alternative to the Balearics this summer, the Greek Islands have plenty to offer even the keenest of clubbers.

Is nightlife better in Mykonos or Santorini?

Go to Mykonos for beaches and nightlife. Go to Santorini for views, scenery, wineries, tours, and hikes. Both are great for a honeymoon, but Santorini has a more romantic atmosphere. Santorini tourist season: April to early November.

Does Santorini have good nightlife?

Although Santorini is the most romantic destination in the Cyclades, it is also a great place for fun and crazy nightlife. Perched on the rocky caldera, with panoramic sea views, or tucked into charming paved streets, Santorini clubs are many and play a wide collection of music types.

Is Santorini cheaper than Mykonos?

When comparing the travel costs between Santorini and Mykonos, we can see that Santorini is more expensive.

Is Mykonos a party place?

The Greek island of Mykonos is known as a party capital and is a vacation hot spot for millionaires and billionaires. Ibiza, Spain, has a reputation as one of the top places to party in the world, with thumping 24-hour clubs, wild pool parties, and gorgeous beaches.

Does Mykonos have good nightlife?

Known to many as the nightlife capital of the Greek Islands, Mykonos is the stomping ground for hedonists and party-goers looking for a great choice of live music and unique clubbing experiences.

Is Chania good for nightlife?

The nightlife in Chania is simply spectacular and intense. Whether you are a fan of rock, jazz or dance music in the capital of Chania, you can find a wide variety of atmospheric bars and lounge cafes that stay open till a bit after midnight.

Is Corfu a party island?

Corfu Nightlife Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands, famous for its vivid nightlife. Corfu Town suggests many places to start your evening, like the traditional taverns with amazing local dishes, especially in the Old Town.

Does Mykonos have strip clubs?

The modern and elegant beach clubs strip clubs offering music of all types, mainly dance hits and don’t close before dawn, cosmopolitan and fun atmosphere, between wild party and drag queen shows: Mykonos is definitely the more lively nightlife and crazy about the whole Greece.

Is Zante a party island?

Zakynthos island is famous for its wild nightlife, particularly in the region of Laganas. Many all-night bars and clubs are located in Laganas, a British-frequented resort on the southern side of the island, and things often get extreme.

Does Crete have a strip?

The Malia Strip is in Malia, located in the Heraklion area of Crete in the North East of the Island. Malia is located about a 45-minute drive from Heraklion airport. You can get a taxi from the airport for a set price of €50.

Is Zante good for nightlife?

The Best Nightlife in Europe Zante is the most popular party island in Europe for 18-30 year old’s and it’s getting bigger and better every year. The island is only a short 3 hour hop from the UK and boom – you’ve arrived in sun and party lover’s paradise. Swanky pool parties are going off by day at the beach clubs.

Which Greek island has the best nightlife?

Probably the first destination that comes to mind in terms of Greek island nightlife is Mykonos, in the Cyclades. Often dubbed the Ibiza of Greece, the cosmopolitan island has numerous famous bars and clubs where you can rub shoulders with celebrities and beautiful people of all stripes.

Where are the best party islands in Greece?

The Cycladic island of Ios, between Naxos and Santorini, also has a solid reputation as a party island, but with a more laid-back vibe. Yet don’t mistake that relaxed attitude for lacklustre parties.

Which Greek island should you visit in summer?

During the summer months, Skiathos, the busiest island of the Sporades, is a favorite for partygoers. While the island has many charms, including peaceful villages, beautiful beaches and verdant interior, the island and mostly Chora, the main town is bursting with life.

What to do in Greece at night?

Get to know the many faces of Greek nightlife: chill out at luxury hotels’ bars and the retro bars on the islands, where the moonlight shines brightly on the boats and sea. Dance at bars on organised beaches; enjoy shots on the house and cocktails being poured from dusk till dawn.