Is Disney On Ice coming to the United Center?

Is Disney On Ice coming to the United Center?

Disney On Ice presents Frozen at Chicago United Center: 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Shows To Go On as Scheduled; 7 p.m. Show Cancelled; Ticket Exchanges Offered for Ticketholders Unable to Attend.

Is Disney On Ice in Chicago?

Join the Fun at the Allstate Arena! Disney On Ice is returning to the Chicago area this winter, and tickets for every performance at the Allstate Arena are on sale now!

What characters are on Disney On Ice 2021?

What are the “Disney On Ice” 2021-22 shows?

  • “Dream Big” prominently features Disney princesses such as Elsa from Frozen and Moana from Moana.
  • “Mickey’s Search Party” stars Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy as well as characters from Coco, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid in an interactive adventure.

How long is Disney On Ice Chicago?

Disney On Ice productions vary in length, but they average between one hour and a half to two hours.

What are best seats for Disney On Ice?

Now the easy answer would be to sit in the front row in one of the central sections at Disney on Ice, but front row seats come at premium prices. No doubt that a front-row seat is the best Disney On Ice seat, and will give both you and your kids an experience you won’t soon forget.

Which seats are best for Disney On Ice?

How much are tickets for Disney on Ice?

How much are Disney on Ice: Mickey and Friends Denver Coliseum tickets? On average, fans can expect to pay $75.00 for Disney on Ice: Mickey and Friends Denver tickets. Premium seats in the center close to the ice can cost up to $111.00.

What time Does Disney on ice start?

Disney On Ice presents Find Your Hero will skate into P&J Live from the 26th -28th November 2021. Feld Priority Customers can take advantage of the pre-sale from the 29th September to get their hands on the best seats by heading to to sign up. Venue pre-sale starts at 9am on Thursday, 30th September Tickets then go on

How to audition for Disney on Ice?

Auditions are ongoing year-round and begin with a video portfolio submission to Ice Creative Casting. In-person auditions are scheduled on an as-needed basis from there.

How do you purchase Disney on ICE tickets?

– Months – February – March – April – May – August – September