Is Barcelona worth visiting in January?

Is Barcelona worth visiting in January?

Wondering if January is a good time to visit Barcelona? Though it isn’t the height of the tourist season, that arguably makes it an even better month in which to enjoy a trip to the Catalan capital.

Is Barcelona Open in January?

Re: Barcelona in January, worth going?? Barcelona is a city not a summer resort so all is open.

What month is La Merce Barcelona?

Specifically, in 2022, the Mercè Festival is from 22th to 25th September. La Verge de la Mare de Déu de la Mercè, the Virgin of Mercy or Our Lady of Mercy has a Basilica dedicated to her in the Gothic Quarter and she has been the patron saint of the city of Barcelona since 1687.

Why is La Merce celebrated?

The celebration of La Mercè has religious origins, honoring the Virgin of Grace (Mare de Déu de la Mercè), patron saint of the archdiocese of Barcelona, and co-patroness—along with Saint Eulàlia—of the city. In Catalan, the word mercè has meanings related to service, help, a sense of compassion, and loving mercy.

Is Barcelona fun in the winter?

Unless one is a beachbum, Barcelona in winter offers a lot of activities to one. With both the summer crowds and rains of the autumn gone, Barcelona makes for a perfect getaway for the winter break. Winter descends here from December to March and is quite mild compared to the other regions of Spain.

What is Merce festival?

The festival La Mercè, which is held in honour of the patron saint la Mercè (the Virgin of Mercy) on September 24 each year is the “Fiesta Mayor” – the main festival – of Barcelona. It is the largest and most colourful festival in the city’s festival calendar and the absolute climax of Barcelona’s event schedule.

What is Merce festival Barcelona?

09/23/2022 – 09/26/2022. Barcelona is once again celebrating its grand festival, in honor of its patron saint. A program full of different activities is planned for all the public, with music, dance, circus and street arts. And not forgetting the giants, dragons, fire beasts, human towers and sardana groups.

What is Merce festival in Barcelona?

The festival of Mercè, the patron saint of Barcelona, is celebrated each year around the 24th of September in squares and streets across the city. It is a short but intense festival, chock-full of diverse cultural activities for all ages.

What do people wear in Barcelona in winter?

If you visit Barcelona in winter it’s best to dress in layers. It can be quite chilly first thing in the morning and in the evening meaning that you will need a warm jacket or coat. By midday, when the sun comes out, you will often be warm enough in just a jumper or sweatshirt.

Is Barcelona public transport safe?

Barcelona is a generally safe city, but petty crime such as pickpocketing is common on public transportation. Watch your belongings and be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially on crowded metros and buses. Always keep small bills and coins on you in order to pay for public transportation.

Are there any festivals in Barcelona?

About Festivals in Barcelona. Barcelona is Spain’s festival city, and always combines traditional Catalan culture, with a love for modern living in its world-famous events. A nearly continuous music performance showcase takes place in the Pedralbes Gardens. Acts include everything from orchestra concerts and cutting-edge Spanish rock bands,…

What are the major events in January in Barcelona?

The fest held in the honor of Saint Anthony the Abbot is another major event of January. A feast is held on the day he passed away, that is January 17. An elaborate parade is organized the following Saturday to commemorate the event. The parade is mainly comprised of animals, who are blessed at Escola Pia de Sant Antoni.

What are the best street parties in Barcelona in autumn?

And of course the city’s very own patron saint day, Festes de la Merce, is marked by one of Europe’s biggest street parties and not to be missed if you’re in town during early autumn. Read about all these festivals and many more fiestas below… …article continues after photo.

What to do in Barcelon in summer?

Throughout the balmy summer nights, Barcelonins are invited up to the grassy ramparts of the formidable Montjuic fortress for a romantic picnic and jazz concert, before a night of openair cinema.