How to get a selected row in DataGridView in c#?

How to get a selected row in DataGridView in c#?

To get the selected rows in a DataGridView control Use the SelectedRows property. To enable users to select rows, you must set the SelectionMode property to FullRowSelect or RowHeaderSelect.

How to show selected row in DataGridView vb net?

  1. private void dataGridView1_CellMouseClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellMouseEventArgs e)
  2. if (e.RowIndex >= 0)
  3. {
  4. DataGridViewRow row = dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex];
  5. txtID.Text = row.Cells[0].Value.ToString();
  6. txtName.Text = row.Cells[1].Value.ToString();
  7. txtCountry.Text = row.Cells[2].Value.ToString();
  8. }

How to select a particular column in DataGridView in c#?

Give your data to DataGridView as SelectionMode. FullRowSelect or SelectionMode….You need 3 things.

  1. Clear all selected rows and cells.
  2. Remove the sort mode of every column to Not sortable. The default click event is sort, now it will be select.
  3. Set the selection mode to column.

HOW CAN GET row column value in GridView in ASP NET?

In Gridview Events double Click on SelectedIndexChanged Event and write the below code,

  1. protected void Gridview1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
  2. {
  3. txtrowid. Text = Gridview1. SelectedRow. Cells[1].
  4. txtname. Text = Gridview1. SelectedRow. Cells[2].
  5. txtmarks. Text = Gridview1. SelectedRow. Cells[3].
  6. }

How retrieve data from DataGridView to textbox in C#?

DataGridView Selected Row Data to Textboxes in C#

  1. Step 1: Add controls to Form. (
  2. Step 2: First, Go the properties windows and change the Name property of textBoxes controls.
  3. Step 3: Go to the properties window by clicking on the dataGridView control.
  4. Step 4: Add code in CellEnter event of DataGridView Control.

What is the difference between GridView and ListView?

The main difference between ListView and GridView is how it lays out its child. With ListView you are laying your children one by one either vertically or horizontally only. With GridView, its a combination of both. It lays its children horizontally first.

Is a row data?

In relational databases, a row is a data record within a table. Each row, which represents a complete record of specific item data, holds different data within the same structure. A row is occasionally referred to as a tuple.

What is the index of the selected option?

The selectedIndex property sets or returns the index of the selected option in a drop-down list. The index starts at 0. Note: If the drop-down list allows multiple selections it will only return the index of the first option selected.

What is selected index in HTML?

HTMLSelectElement.selectedIndex The HTMLSelectElement.selectedIndex is a long that reflects the index of the first or last selected element, depending on the value of multiple. The value -1 indicates that no element is selected.

How do I get the index of a selected item in listbox?

If the SelectionMode property of the ListBox is set to either SelectionMode.MultiSimple or SelectionMode.MultiExtended (which indicates a multiple-selection ListBox) and multiple items are selected in the list, this property can return the index to any selected item.

What is a zero-based index of the currently selected item?

A zero-based index of the currently selected item. A value of negative one (-1) is returned if no item is selected. The assigned value is less than -1 or greater than or equal to the item count. The SelectionMode property is set to None.