How old was Grace Kelly when she got married?

How old was Grace Kelly when she got married?

She Had To Take A Fertility Test Before Marrying Not only did Kelly have to pay the prince a $2 million dowry to become his wife, but the 26-year-old actor also had to take a fertility test to prove that she could birth him heirs.

How old was Grace Kelly when she became a princess?

age 26
Kelly retired from acting at age 26 to marry Rainier, and began her duties as Princess of Monaco….

Grace Kelly
Publicity photograph from c. 1954
Princess consort of Monaco
Tenure April 18, 1956 – September 14, 1982
Born Grace Patricia KellyNovember 12, 1929 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

What was the age difference between Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco?

And Rainier quickly began the search for a wife. During a photo shoot organized by the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, he briefly met Kelly, six years his junior. The prince, it was said at the time, was smitten.

Is Grace of Monaco a true story?

Grace of Monaco opens with the disclaimer that “This film is a fiction inspired by real events” — which is French for saying, as the fact-based fiction American Hustle did, “Some of this actually happened.” So we can’t criticize the movie for massaging the facts — especially when there are plenty of other reasons to …

How did Prince Rainier meet Grace Kelly?

While filming another Hitchcock movie, To Catch a Thief (1955), in the French Riviera, Kelly met Prince Rainier of Monaco. It wasn’t love at first sight for Kelly, but the prince initiated a long correspondence, which led to their marriage in 1956. Afterward, she became Princess Grace of Monaco and retired from acting.

Did Grace really save Monaco?

Monaco’s Conflict With France De Gaulle plans on blockading Monaco’s roads to force it into paying taxes. However, Princess Grace’s rousing, patriotic speech at a gala honoring the Red Cross with de Gaulle in attendance finally saves the day. There actually was such a crisis in 1962.

Did Princess Grace give a speech at the Red Cross Ball?

Princess Grace, in an Oct. 9, 1962 speech at a Red Cross fundraiser with de Gaulle in attendance, charmed the President with her eloquence to lift the blockade.

What happened to Grace Kellys fortune?

Grace Kelly lost most of her money when she got married In order to pay her dowry to the House of Grimaldi (which is the royal family of Monaco), Kelly had to use all the money she had earned from her acting jobs and the inheritance left to her by her wealthy family.

How old was Rainier when he married Grace?

She was bestowed with the royal title on her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco at the age of 26; the prince was 32 at the time. By the time of the wedding, Grace Kelly’s fame was enshrined with pieces such as Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon and Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window and To Catch a Thief.

What happened to Grace Kellys ring?

However, they didn’t get her rings; the diamond ring was loaned to the boutique when it first opened the Princess Grace room, but has since been replaced by a replica. The real rings both now remain in the collection of the House of Grimaldi.

How old was Grace Kelly when she started acting?

She would eventually feature in 11 films and star in over 60 television productions. Gary Cooper discovered Kelly on the set of her first film, Fourteen Hours (1951) when she was 22 years old. He arranged for her to play his very young wife in High Noon (1952), an acclaimed Western that put her on the path to stardom.

How many kids does Grace Kelly have?

Their three children went on to have 11 children of their own between them. Of course, Grace Kelly’s grandchildren seem to have inherited her understated sophistication and elegance– not to

Was Grace Kelly happily married?

Well into her acting career by the mid-1950s (and an Academy Award win under her belt), Grace Kelly jet off to the 1955 Cannes Film Festival where she met her future husband, Prince Rainier III — the Prince of Monaco (via Biography ). The pair eventually wed, and Grace received her fairy tale ending: she became the Princess of Monaco.

How old was Grace Kelly when she died?

On September 14, 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco—the American-born former film star Grace Kelly, whose movie credits include The Country Girl and Rear Window—dies at the age of 52 from injuries suffered after her car plunged off a mountain road near Monte Carlo.