How much is the metro bus in Istanbul?

How much is the metro bus in Istanbul?

A single ticket for public transport costs 6 TL per person. There are also 2-ride tickets for 10 TL, 3-ride tickets for 15 TL, 5-ride tickets for 23 TL and 10-ride tickets for 40 TL. In addition, there is an electronic card that is used for the entire public transport network in Istanbul, the Istanbulkart.

How do I top up my Istanbul card?

In order to top up Istanbulkart, you can use the yellow machines at metro, tram and ferry stations. For example, at the tram station you see in the picture above, the yellow-black machine with “Biletmatik” written on it is an Istanbulkart top up machine. These machines enable passengers to top up only in 30 seconds.

What time does metro close Istanbul?

The Metro operates from 06:00 AM to 00.00 AM every 6–12 minutes. M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman operates from 06:00 AM to 00.00 AM. During peak hours the intervals could be reduced to 3 to 4 minutes. There is a flat fare – 3.50 TL with Istanbulkart only.

At what time do buses stop running Istanbul?

Like the metro, Metrobus, and certain bus lines, ferries are in service 24 hours a day during the weekend (Friday evening to Sunday morning; from midnight to 6:40 am for the last boat before morning hours).

At what time metro stops in Istanbul?

How do I get a Metro bus pass in Istanbul?

You can purchase your IstanbulCard from Biletmatik on the bus/service floor of Istanbul Airport. In Sabiha Gökçen Airport, you can buy an IstanbulCard from the kiosk on the Street level. In the city, you can get the Istanbul public transportation card at every metro, tram, Metrobus, and ferry station.

Does Istanbul card expire?

According to the website, the card expires in 3 years unless you top up. Where can I buy Istanbulkart at the airport? You can get the Istanbulkart from Istanbulkart vending machines located at the -2 floor of Istanbul Airport. You can use only cash and Turkish Liras.

How do you use the metro in Istanbul?

In order to use all public transportation in Istanbul (boats, subways, buses, tramways, funiculars), you will need the magnetic card, Istanbul Kart. You can find it in the small kiosks near all metro stations, piers, and also bus stations. It costs 25 TL, you will then add credit.

How deep is the Istanbul subway?

30m below
At 30m below ground level, it is the deepest station of the Istanbul Metro. During the inauguration the station was dedicated to Ottoman police officers who were killed during a conflict with British forces during the Occupation of Constantinople in 1920.

What time does the metro in Istanbul close?

The Metro operates from 06:00 AM to 00.00 AM every 6–12 minutes.