How much does it cost to storm chase?

How much does it cost to storm chase?

The average cost per day is about $25-$60. Will we have opportunities to eat while traveling? We will always make time for breakfast.

Where is the best place to storm chase?

Severe weather over the fields and plains of Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska offers very good views of the storms. Great road networks also makes positioning easier, which will impact the view of a storm.

Are storm chasing tours safe?

The storm chasing tour industry has never had a single incident of loss of life, ever, and some of these businesses have been operating for 30 years. News media and the movies portray storm chasing and most all tornadoes we chase as destructive and violent, when nearly all of the tornadoes we see are in the lower …

How do I get paid from storm chasing?

The best way to become a paid storm chaser is to become a meteorologist. Meteorologists study weather events and get paid by a laboratory or university to chase storms for research purposes. Committed weather enthusiasts have figured out other ways to make money storm chasing.

Is being a storm chaser a real job?

In case you were wondering: There is no “Storm Chaser” job description at NSSL. The only time people chase storms for NSSL is when a special project is being run to collect data in the field. These projects are somewhat rare.

How do storm chasers stay safe?

These chasers pull off main roads (off the shoulder if the terrain allows, or parking in a lot or apron), and set up their cameras away from the road. Safe chasers strive to learn all they can about storms before they begin chasing. They try to avoid core-punching, as if such acts could win a badge of courage.

Can you pay to go storm chasing?

America’s Ultimate Storm Chasing Tours The tour price includes the storm chasing tour, lodging, weather briefings by our expert storm chasers, on-board WiFi, your own window seat, photo tips, our severe storm guarantee and more. After you reserve your tour, all you have to do is book your flight to the base city.