How much does it cost to install hardwood floors in Los Angeles?

How much does it cost to install hardwood floors in Los Angeles?

Hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles costs around $10,524 on average. It may not sound like an affordable feat but given all the benefits that it can provide to you, your family and your home, it is an investment that will surely pay off in the long run.

How much does it cost to install hardwood floors in California?

How Much Does It Cost to Install Hardwood Flooring Near You?

State Cost
California $3,150 – $9,340
Colorado $2,650 – $6,700
Iowa $3,580 – $4,900
Michigan $2,680 – $8,410

How much does it cost to install 700 square feet of hardwood flooring?

Expect to pay $4 to $8 a square foot for labor to install a solid hardwood floor and $3 to $10 a square foot to install engineered wood, according to HomeAdvisor. Labor costs are higher for floors with vents and irregular shapes.

How much does it cost to replace flooring in Los Angeles?

The standard cost of Los Angeles flooring installation ranges between $924 add $6,939. The type of flooring to be installed and design also add to the cost of the installation. A wood flooring can cost a homeowner around $8000 for a 1000 square foot home.

Is hardwood worth the investment?

The average ROI for installing hardwood floors is about 70% to 80% according to, with hardwood floors boosting resale value by as much as 2.5% for a strong return on investment home renovation.

What is a timeless floor color?

Timeless hardwood floor colors are typically the natural hues that are found in the hardwood species that are most often used for flooring. Walnut, for example, is renowned for its dark, chocolate hues while Cherry is prized for its deep red tones.

Do hardwood floors increase home value?

Hardwood floors are one of the best flooring options for homeowners looking to increase the resale value of their home, with hardwood typically yielding around a 75% return on investment.

Do hardwood floors increase appraisal value?