How much does Dubai tourist visa cost?


How much does Dubai tourist visa cost?


14 Days Service Visa 9500 SINGLE
30 Days Tourist Visa 6550 SINGLE
30 Days Tourist Visa 15700 MULTIPLE
90 Days Tourist Visa 16100 SINGLE

How much is 30 days tourist visa in Dubai?

A 30 days Dubai visa cost for a single entry visa is INR 6000. But if you wish to get your visa faster, you can apply for an Express service that comes in typically within 24 hours compared to a standard visa which takes about 3 to 4 working days. The 30 days Dubai visa fees for an Express visa service is INR 7655.

Is tourist visa free in Dubai?

All EU citizens with the exception of Ireland and the UK can stay in UAE for up to 90 days without a visa. Chinese passport holders can stay in the UAE without a visa for 30 days, but for the remaining nationalities including Indians, you do require a visa to travel to Dubai.

How much is a 7 day visa for Dubai?

7 days visit visa Dubai fees

Duration of stay : 4 days (Transit Visa) 300
Duration of stay : 7 days (Tourist Visa) 520
Duration of stay : 7 days (Service Visa) 550
30 days Extension charges 1200

How much does tourist visa cost?

The application fee for the most common nonimmigrant visa types is US$160. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Most petition-based visas, such as work and religious visas, are US$190.

How long can a tourist stay in Dubai?

Depending on your plan, tourist visas to the UAE can be issued for 30 days or 90 days for single or multiple entries. Tourist visas can be extended for 30 days twice, without the need to leave the country.

Is there 15 days visa in Dubai?

You can acquire a Dubai visa for even 14 days. 14 Days Visa is a single entry visa that allows you to stay in UAE for not more than 14 days.

What is the cheapest visa?

6 Cheap Visa Free Countries to Visit from India

  • #1 BHUTAN.
  • #2 NEPAL: Visa Free Countries from India.
  • #3 THAILAND.
  • #5 MALDIVES.
  • #6 HONG KONG: Visa Free Countries from India.

How do I pay my tourist visa fee?

A Visa fee must be paid before scheduling the US Visitor visa interview. The fee can be paid either electronically as a bank transfer or in cash at designated CitiBank or Axis bank branches throughout the India.

Is Dubai Open for visit visa?

As a travel destination, Dubai is indeed open to visitors worldwide.

How long can I stay in Dubai as a tourist?

How much does it cost for Dubai visit visa?

visa type visa fees service fee total incidental charges total; 30 day tourist visa: 70: 23.38 93.38: 4.21 97.59: 96 hours transit visa: 15: 21.65: 36.65: 3.90: 40.55

Is a Dubai visa really expensive?

Dubai visa (30 days) is not expensive if you compare it with Schegen visa (30 days) but it may seem expensive if compared with US visit visa (duration is 10 years).

How much time does it take for Dubai visa?

– Normal Visa: It will take only 2 to 3 days to process your visa application with affordable charge – Express Visa: In just 1 to 2 working days sufficient to process visa application by paying little extra charges than Normal Visa. – Urgent Visa: Only in 24 hrs, you can receive your Urgent Dubai Visa.

Can I get visa on arrival in Dubai?

UAE visa on arrival 30‑day visit eligibility If you are a passport holder of the below country or territory, no advance visa arrangements are required to visit the UAE. Simply disembark your flight at Dubai International airport and proceed to immigration, where your passport will be stamped with a 30‑day visit visa free of charge.