How much does Bright Futures FAS pay?

How much does Bright Futures FAS pay?

FAS Awards The Florida Academic Scholars Award is $212.28 per credit hour. The Academic Top Scholars Award is $44 per credit hour.

What college GPA is needed for Bright Futures?

Renewal Requirements

Renewal Requirements Florida Academic Scholars Award
Minimum Cumulative GPA (unrounded & unweighted) 3.0*
Minimum Hours Required Per Term, if funded Full Time (12+ hours) 12 semester earned hours
Minimum Hours Required Per Term, if funded Three-quarter Time (9-11 hours) 9 semester earned hours

Does Bright Futures cover Innovation Academy?

Yes. Innovation Academy students at the University of Florida who quality for Bright Futures are able to use Florida Bright Futures funding during the summer semester.

What SAT score do you need for Bright Futures scholarship?

What Is The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship?

Florida Academic Scholar (FAS)
Test Scores SAT 1330 / ACT 29
GPA 3.5 Weighted
Service Hours 100 Hours
Total Award Amount 100% of tuition + applicable fees + $300 for extra expenses (About $25,000 over 4 years!)

What SAT score do you need for 100 Bright Futures?

Additionally, they must obtain a minimum score of 29 on the ACT or 1330 on the SAT. They must also complete at least 100 service hours.

What happens if you fail a class with Bright Futures?

Students who drop a course will have to repay Bright Futures and potentially might not meet renewal criteria for their scholarship if they fall below a certain number of credit hours for the academic year.

How much does Florida academic Scholars pay?

Florida Medallion Scholars will receive 75% of tuition and applicable fees in Fall and Spring. Applicable fees include: activity and service fee, health fee, athletic fee, financial aid fee, capital improvement fee, campus access/transportation fee, technology fee and tuition differential fee.

What GPA do you need to keep Bright Futures FSU?

2.75 cumulative GPA
Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship Renewal: Maintain 2.75 cumulative GPA while enrolled at FSU. Earn required hours for the scholarship.

Does Bright Futures only cover one summer?

Transient courses must be approved by the home institution to receive funding. A student may choose to enroll and receive Bright Futures funding for only one term during the academic year.

Do Florida residents get free college?

The state of Florida is one of the few states that offers residents a merit-based scholarship program that covers all or nearly all tuition costs.