How much does a medical coder make an hour in Florida?

How much does a medical coder make an hour in Florida?

The average salary for a coding specialist is $21.33 per hour in Florida. 222 salaries reported, updated at June 24, 2022.

How much do certified medical coders make in Florida?

How much does a Medical Coder make in Florida? The average Medical Coder salary in Florida is $48,932 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $42,445 and $57,382.

How much does billing and coding pay in Florida?

How much does a Medical Coding Billing make in Florida? As of Jun 13, 2022, the average annual pay for the Medical Coding Billing jobs category in Florida is $36,060 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $17.34 an hour.

How much does a CPC make an hour in Florida?

CPC Salary in Florida

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $62,837 $30
75th Percentile $48,688 $23
Average $43,537 $21
25th Percentile $34,539 $17

How do I become a medical coder in Florida?

The shortest route to earning a certification is through a certificate program offered by an accredited post-secondary school. These certificate programs can take anywhere from 6-12 months to complete. The second option is to enroll in a two-year Medical Billing and Coding program offered by a college.

Is medical billing and coding a good paying job?

Medical coding and billing has a high-industry demand, which means professionals in this field enjoy job stability and good pay. The job duties include memorizing complex codes that are assigned to thousands of medical diagnoses. In addition, you’re responsible for administrative procedures and billing for physicians.

How much does a medical biller and coder make?

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist Pay Scale. Because of the high demand for coders, wages for new medical coders grow year after year. The latest reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that, on average, a medical coder makes $16.42 an hour for an annual salary of $34,160, with variations based on location.

What jobs can you get with medical billing and coding?

Data analysis and health statistics

  • Legal issues surrounding health information
  • Health information tabulation for an insurance firm
  • Data collection for a public health department
  • Research assistant for a public health agency
  • Management and administration in a medical insurance claims department
  • How much does medical billing pay?

    Pay averages of $43,240 per year or $21 an hour for medical billers and coders. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) says you can earn anywhere between $75 and $100 per hour, but this is impacted by a wide range of factors.