How much does a butcher block island top cost?

How much does a butcher block island top cost?

The cost of a butcher block countertop varies based on the design, hardwood type, size panel, as well as where you buy it: Countertops: $1,000 to $7,000 per 100 square feet….Butcher Block Island Top.

Additional Cost Price
Sink installation $200 – $600
Plumbing $200 – $500

How much does a 6ft butcher block weigh?

Unfinished Birch 6 ft. L x 25 in. D x 1.5 in. T Butcher Block Countertop

Item Weight 65
Product Length (ft.) 6 ft.
Color/Finish Unfinished Birch
Product Weight (lb.) 65
Product Length (in.) 74 in

Are butcher block countertops cheaper?

The Cost of Butcher-Block Countertops But butcher-block is generally pretty competitive with other countertop materials, Pless says, adding that a standard edge-grain maple island top retails at around $35 to $38 per square foot—cheaper than granite but more expensive than laminate.

Are butcher block countertops cheaper than granite?

Lastly, butcher block is an affordable material, generally costing less than granite. If you have a smaller budget, then butcher block is a beautiful option that doesn’t put strain on your bank account.

Is quartz cheaper than butcher block?

It is highly durable, yet offers a warm, natural look. This sophisticated feeling that butcher block brings to your kitchen is also not as expensive as a high end quartz or marble.

What is the best butcher block wood?

Maple is one of the best and most popular for butcher block counters because it’s hard and has a clear grain. Cherry and red oak offer rich color. Butcher block can also be crafted from bamboo (it works best with end-grain construction) and sustainably farmed exotics such as wenge, zebrawood, and iroko.

Can you put a microwave on a butcher block countertop?

Never put in microwave or dishwasher. Never place on stove burners. Do not place hot pots or pans on the surface, we offer integrated trivets on our wood countertops if you require a surface for hot items.

What should I look for when buying a butcher block?

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Butcher Block Countertop

  • There Are Different Styles and Designs Available. When it comes to butcher block countertops, it’s important to know that there are different styles and designs you can choose from.
  • They Are Extremely Durable and Last for Years.
  • Maintenance Is Required.