How many people get the IHS scholarship?

How many people get the IHS scholarship?

Today, nearly 7,000 American Indian and Alaska Native students have received scholarship awards and many have committed to serving their health profession careers at IHS; some have even returned to serve their own Tribal communities.

How competitive is the IHS scholarship?

It’s important to note that the IHS Scholarship Program application process is highly competitive — on average, the program receives about 1,200 applications per year, from which IHS awards approximately 150 scholarships.

How much is the IHS scholarship?

IHS provides a monthly stipend of no less than $1,500/month to assist our scholarship recipients in covering living expenses. Stipends are distributed beginning in August and are paid at the end of each month.

What is the IHS scholarship program?

[PDF – 185 KB] The IHS Scholarship Program provides qualified American Indian and Alaska Native health professions students an opportunity to establish an educational foundation for each stage of your pre-professional careers.

Is the application for the Indian Health Service Scholarship Program Open?

Read the latest info. The application cycle is now closed. The next application cycle will be open December 15, 2021 – February 28, 2022. Thank you for your interest in the Indian Health Service Scholarship Programs.

What is the Health Professions scholarship?

Health Professions Scholarship. Our Health Professions scholarship provides financial aid to qualified American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate- and graduate-level students. Recipients must be members of federally recognized Tribes and enrolled in an eligible health profession degree program.

Who do I contact for technical assistance with IHS?

If you need technical assistance, please contact Destiny Khalil at d[email protected] or call 301-443-4111 during office hours.