How many of the Fiennes family are actors?

How many of the Fiennes family are actors?

He is the eldest of six children. His siblings are actor Joseph Fiennes; Martha Fiennes, a director (in her film Onegin, he played the title role); Magnus Fiennes, a composer; Sophie Fiennes, a filmmaker; and Jacob Fiennes, a conservationist.

Is Ralph Fiennes married?

Alex KingstonRalph Fiennes / Spouse (m. 1993–1997)Alexandra Elizabeth Kingston is an English actress. Active from the early 1980s, Kingston became noted for her television work in both Britain and the US in the 1990s, including her portrayal of the Wikipedia

How many Fiennes siblings are there?

Joseph FiennesJacob FiennesMartha FiennesMagnus FiennesSophie FiennesMichael Emery
Ralph Fiennes/Siblings

Are Ralph Fiennes and Ranulph Fiennes related?

He’s also related to explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, his third cousin once-removed, who in 1993 became the first person to cross Antarctica completely on foot. Oh, and you surely know his brother Joseph Fiennes, a fellow actor famous for Shakespeare in Love and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Are the Fiennes royalty?

The actor is also no stranger to playing royal characters, but did you know he is actually considered royalty himself? As reported by the Financial Times back in 2014, Fiennes is eighth cousins with Prince Charles. It’s understood that they’re related through James II of Scotland, who ruled during the 15th century.

Who has Ralph Fiennes been married to?

Alex KingstonRalph Fiennes / Spouse (m. 1993–1997)

How are Ralph and Joseph Fiennes related?

His siblings are actor Ralph Fiennes; directors Martha Fiennes and Sophie Fiennes; composer Magnus Fiennes; and conservationist Jacob Fiennes, Joseph’s twin brother. His foster brother, Michael Emery, is an archaeologist.

Are Prince Charles and Ralph Fiennes related?

Prince Charles and Ralph Fiennes Prince Charles and the Harry Potter star are eighth cousins as they are both linked to James II of Scotland, who reigned in the 1400s.

Does Ralph Fiennes have siblings?

Who is Joseph Fiennes partner?

Maria Dolores DieguezJoseph Fiennes / Spouse (m. 2009)
Personal life. Fiennes married María Dolores Diéguez, a Swiss model of Spain/Galician origin, in a Roman Catholic ceremony in Tuscany in August 2009.