How many moon medals do you need to beat Sonic Unleashed?

How many moon medals do you need to beat Sonic Unleashed?

And to get to that MAX level, you need a whopping 120 Sun Medals! Friendly reminder: There are 200 Sun Medals and 200 Moon Medals to get in HD Unleashed.

How many medals do you need in Sonic Unleashed?

In the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed, there is a total of 103 Sun Medals and 71 Moon Medals to collect. In gameplay, the player is rewarded Sun and Moon Medals when reaching certain objectives in the playable levels and missions.

How do you skip cutscenes in Sonic Unleashed Wii?

You will need to press Start button to skip cutscenes. You can also find useful inputs for cutscenes skips + any% route at (guide by CrypticJacknife).

How many medals do you get in Sonic Unleashed?

Sonic Unleashed contains 400 medals, all of which, you will need to collect in order to get the Partly Cloudly, Sunny, Half Moon and Full Moon trophies. In total, there are 200 Sun Medals and 200 Moon Medals.

What is Adabat in Sonic Unleashed?

Adabat (アダバタ, Adabata) is a Town Stage/Village that appears in Sonic Unleashed. It is an architectural marvel of a stilt house village, built atop the water in a jungle strewn with ancient ruins, and is blessed with plenty of sun, wind and water and laid-back villagers.

What is this Sonic Unleashed Trophy guide for?

This Sonic Unleashed Trophy Guide provides detailed information about every trophy in the game. It provides the best strategies to complete the hardest trials and contains comprehensive lists that cover every kind of collectable in the game.

Why did Sonic the Hedgehog and chip visit Adabat?

Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip visited Adabat during their quest to restore a powerless Chaos Emerald and the village’s broken continent following Dark Gaia ‘s awakening. The continent Adabat is located on.