How many merits do cogs give?

How many merits do cogs give?

The Short Route yields up to 240 merits (or 480 during an invasion). 20 cogs are battled in this route. This is the most common short route. This Short Route gives 236 merits (or 472 with an invasion).

How do merits work Toontown?

Merits are required in order to gain a promotion for the Sellbot cog suit. They can be earned by defeating Sellbots. Earning the specified amount will grant the ability to confront the Vice President. The minimum amount of merits needed to gain a promotion is 20, and the maximum is 5,500.

How do you earn Sellbot merits?

Merits are a way for Toons to earn a promotion on their Sellbot Cog Disguise by defeating the Vice President. To earn Merits, Toons must defeat Sellbots. Toons can check their Merits by viewing the “Cog Disguises” page of the Shticker Book.

How many Skelecogs are in a factory?

For anyone that decides to take the long way of the factory, you will encounter this room. There are two sets of three skelecogs on both sides with two of them being a level 4 and the other being a level 5 each. The highest is 5, so there are five cog types.

How many merits is a short factory?

The Short Route yields up to 240 merits (or 480 during an invasion).

How many cogs are in VP Toontown?

I am pretty sure that the VP has 15 Cogs each side each round.

Do 2.0 cogs count as Skelecogs?

0 cogs (also known as version 2.0 cogs) are a specific kind of cog that, once defeated, returns as a skelecog with full health.

How many Skelecogs are in a bullion?

If you want you can go through: Illustrated Mint Maps and count them yourself. Believe or not most tasks are even, 500 cogs vs 100 skelecogs in dollar. 500 cogs could be got through any battle so 24-30 cogs in VP, 40-48 in CFO, 35 in full factory and 44 in full bullion (longest).

Where can I get a v2 0 cog?

They are commonly found in the Cog Golf Courses and the Bossbot Clubhouse.

How many Cogbucks do you get from each mint?

Coin Mint

Level Cogbucks Cogbucks (with Invasion)
1 196 384
2 272 536
3 196 384
4 276 544

How many Cogbucks do you get from mints?

A Coin Mint can award 356-544 Cogbucks, which helps with earning promotions on low-level Cashbot Cog Disguises.

How many merits are in a bullion mint?

It has 20 unique levels where one is randomly chosen just like the other mints. Because of its great length it usually requires good cooperation and high level gags. Each level consists of about 36-44 cogs, and will provide between 1202-1496 cogbucks with an invasion.