How many major hospitals are in Australia?

How many major hospitals are in Australia?

Hospitals are an important part of Australia’s health landscape, providing services to many Australians each year. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Hospital Statistics provides summary information on Australia’s 746 public and 601 private hospitals.

Which Australian state has the most hospitals?

New South Wales
With a total of 210 private hospitals in 2017, New South Wales was the Australian state with the highest number of both public and private hospitals overall.

What is the largest hospital in the Southern Hemisphere?

Waikato Hospital
Beds 673
Opened 1 December 1886

What’s the best hospital in Australia?

Best Hospitals – Australia

Rank Hospital City Score
1 The Royal Melbourne Hospital City Campus Melbourne 91.3
2 The Alfred Melbourne 90.2
3 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney 90.2
4 St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne 89.2

How many surgeons are there in SA?

There were a total of 894 registered specialist general surgeons serving a population of 54 million people in South Africa, i.e. 1.78 per 100 000. The highest number of registered specialist general surgeons per 100 000 population were in WC (3.41), GP (2.30), FS (2.15) and KZN (1.89).

Which state has the best healthcare in Australia?

1. Sydney, NSW. Taking first place in this year’s healthiest city rankings is Sydney, coming number one in the majority of the different categories. They also place the highest priority on their wellness compared to the rest of Australia, with 70% of Sydneysiders stated that wellness is a high priority for them.

Which Australian state is the fittest?

According to the MINDBODY 2020 Wellness Index – research ranking the nation’s fitness and health – New South Wales has pipped the other states to be crowned fittest state down under.

What is the best teaching hospital in Australia?

1 (211) Murdoch Children’s Research Institute AUS
2 (219) Royal Melbourne Hospital AUS
3 (222) Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne AUS
4 (224) Alfred Health AUS