How is Veronica related to George?

How is Veronica related to George?

Veronica Palmero (played by Aimee Garcia) is Angie’s spoiled niece, Carmen and Max’s cousin, Ray’s daughter, and Vic’s granddaughter. She moves into the Lopez house after her mother (Angie’s sister-in-law) dies. Her mother leaves all of her items and money to her.

Who was Veronica on The George Lopez show?

Aimee Garcia

Veronica Palmero
Series Appearances
Played by: Aimee Garcia
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: 20 in Seasons 5 & 6

Who played Angie’s father on George Lopez show?

Emiliano Diez
Emiliano Diez plays the part of Dr. Victor “Vic” Palmero, Angie’s father, on the series. Emiliano Díez (born August 26, 1953) is a Cuban film and television actor. He is best known for his role as Dr.

Who is Angie’s dad?

Victor Palmero, Angie’s father. His film credits include Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17, Water, Mud and Factories, The Last Straw and Cafe and Beer. He appeared in Adventures in Babysitting as Leon Vasquez. He also voiced Francisco in the computer-animated television series, Elena of Avalor.

Does George ever meet his dad?

When George finally meets estranged dad Manny at his office in Phoenix, he shows his contempt for not being there when he was growing up, as he tears up the $20,000 check that Manny’s wife Lydia presented to him in L.A. in “Long Time No See”, the final episode of Season 2.

What happened to Veronica on George Lopez Show?

George and Angie’s former sister-in-law passes away, leaving George in charge of her 20-year-old daughter, Veronica, and her very large inheritance. George and Angie’s former sister-in-law passes away, leaving George in charge of her 20-year-old daughter, Veronica, and her very large inheritance.

Who plays Angel Batista’s sister?

Aimee Garcia (born 28 November 1978) is an American actress. She played Jamie Batista, sister of Angel Batista and second nanny for Harrison Morgan, in Showtime’s series DEXTER.

What happened to Vic on George Lopez?

He left Miami to give her time to think about their marriage and went to visit his daughter Angie and her family in LA. While there, Emelina called and told him she wanted a divorce. Not wanting to return to his home in Miami, Vic agreed to stay with Angie and George at their house.

How old is Emiliano Diaz?

68 years (August 26, 1953)Emiliano Díez / Age

Is Bette able to adopt Angelica?

Ten years after Jenny’s death, Bette is running for Mayor of Los Angeles. It is revealed that during the last ten years, Bette and Tina did get married, but also got divorced after Tina left Bette for another woman, Carrie, with Bette getting at least partial custody of Angelica, who now lives with her.

Do Carmen and Jason get back together?

In the end, Carmen and Jason get back together, and Max barely passes the state test. There is a fair at Carmen’s school to raise money for people in wheel chairs, such as Jason’s little brother.

What happened to Marisol on The George Lopez show?

In the end of the Valentine’s Day special episode of George Lopez, Ernie makes Marisol leave George and Angie’s house after calling off his bargain of getting the money with her.

What happened Carmen Lopez?

At the end of the 5th season of George Lopez, Carmen moved to Vermont to attend college. In 2007, George Lopez stated that the character of Carmen Lopez was written off the show due to creative differences, but Masiela has yet to confirm the reason why she left the show.

What happened to Dexter’s first nanny?

According to the Dexter Wikia, Sonya left the show without any explanation. There was also no explanation as to why Angel Batista’s younger sister Jamie took over from Sonya. Sonya unfortunately fell into the category of characters that disappear between seasons.

Who played George’s step mother on George Lopez?

Cristina Saralegui

Cristina Saralegui
Birthname Cristina Maria Saralegui
Born (1948-01-29) January 29, 1948 (age 74)
Birthplace: Miramar, Havana, Cuba
Gender Female

Is George Lopez better than That ’70s Show?

George Lopez is a success. There’s no denying that. The comedian has taken home (or been nominated for) top industry awards, regularly heads out on tour, had his own talk show, and scored a

What is George Lopez wife on the show real name?

On the ABC-TV series George Lopez, Angie is played by Constance Marie . Angie is a loving wife, mother and a general selfless and friendly person. She is always willing to help any person in need out of wanting to be a good person.

What shows did George Lopez Star in?

Star As Genre Info; Behind the Scenes of Sacks West-VI-Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2: Papi (voice) VI-Rio: Rafael (voice)–Sacks West—The Smurfs: Grouchy Smurf (voice)–The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol…

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