How is symbolism used in The Stranger?

How is symbolism used in The Stranger?

The obvious symbolism here is Christianity, but the crucifix is more than that in this novel. It also represents the Afterlife, society’s acceptance of it, and man’s collective search for a higher order or meaning that renders significant an otherwise absurd life.

What does the sun Symbolise in The Stranger?

In his novel “The Stranger,” Albert Camus uses the relentless Algerian sun as a metaphor for the awareness of reality that pursues his main character, Meursault, throughout the novel. The plot is fashioned around three deaths: those of Meursault’s mother, the Arab, and Meursault himself.

Why did Meursault shoot the Arab 4 times?

The murder of the Arab was what Meursault was on the beach to accomplish in the first place. When he shot the Arab four more times, it was his attempt at feeling misery, or unhappiness. Meursault thought that these attempts at emotion were good enough for the world to consider him a normal person.

Why does the sun affect Meursault?

More than anything the sun is depicted as a distraction to Meursault. It causes him to do things he would not normally do and clouds his judgment, causing him to commit a serious crime which will cause his own death.

What did the nurse at Maman’s funeral say?

She said, “If you go slowly, you risk getting sunstroke. But if you go too fast, you work up a sweat and then catch a chill inside the church.” She was right. There was no way out. The nurse speaks these words to Meursault during the long, hot funeral procession in Part One, Chapter 1 .

What does Marie symbolize in the stranger?

Although a relatively minor character in Camus’s novel L’étranger, Marie Cardona, the protagonist Meursault’s lover, was the author’s favorite creation. She represents love of life and unabashed sexuality in the novel to a greater degree than any other character.

What does Maman symbolize in the stranger?

“Mamam in Camus’ The Stranger” By beginning with the event, he implicitly identifies is mother’s funeral as the primary cause of his present circumstance.”

What does the stranger symbolize?

Courtroom. The courtroom represents society and its traditional view that law and other means of maintaining order provide meaning in life.

  • Crucifix.
  • Sun and Sea.
  • Why is this story called the stranger?

    The Stranger is about a man named Mr. Bailey who accidently hit a man on the road. He lives out in the country and has his own farm. The time of the year took place between summer and fall seasons. The season means a lot because it makes the story understandable of why things happen.

    Who is El in Stranger Things?

    Her alias,MADMAX,is a reference to the post-apocalyptic films of the same name,Mad Max.

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    William ”Billy” Hargrove, portrayed by Dacre Montgomery, is a major character of Stranger Things. He served as the tertiary antagonist of the second season and the central antagonist of the third season .