How fast does the Bandit VXL go?

How fast does the Bandit VXL go?

The new Velineon® Brushless Power System accelerates Bandit VXL into the stratosphere with jet-like thrust and incredible 70+mph top speed! The Bandit VXL is a low-slung, lightweight speed machine that’s rocket fast on pavement and rips incredible roost off-road.

Is Traxxas Bandit waterproof?

Waterproof for all-weather action, the #2056 servo provides 80 oz-in of steering muscle.

Do people race Traxxas?

Stock Slash is a super fun class which is a race, so yes people race Traxxas.

What motor is in the Bandit VXL?


What is the smallest Traxxas car?

In fact, one of Traxxas’ smallest models is also among the fastest. The 1/16 E-Revo VXL is just 13 inches long, yet capable of over 50 mph!

How much does it cost to upgrade a Traxxas bandit?

The complete cost to upgrade and modify your Traxxas Bandit should be around $260-$700. You’ll need about $20-$50 for body panel kits, $10-40 for skins & wraps, $60-$135 for motor & esc, $12-$220 per wheel, $45-$90 for drivetrain & axles, $100-$130 for shock kits & axles, $12-$30 for tires & foams.

What makes the Traxxas bandit so good?

With quicker speeds, innovative technology, hobby-grade durability, and a cheap price, the Traxxas Bandit brings RC fun to a whole new level. The Bandit’s streamlined chassis keeps weight low for razor-sharp handling and blistering speed, whether on or off the road.

What colors does Traxxas bandit come in?

And if green isn’t your color, Traxxas has red and blue aluminum accessories that you can choose from. Whether it’s speed, handling, or style, Traxxas has the accessories you need to personalize your Bandit.

What makes the Ford bandit so good?

With the Velineon power and the Anaconda’s adding traction, Bandit easily lifts the front end. The wheelie bar keeps Bandit from going back on its lid. Aluminum suspension and steering components add strength and style. Besides, who doesn’t like a little aluminum shine?