How does TN Lottery Second Chance work?

How does TN Lottery Second Chance work?

Any non-winning instant ticket that does not include another separate Second Chance Drawing for prizes is eligible. All entries remain in accounts until those specific games are scheduled for a Play It Again! drawing. The prize will be the top prize of each specific game.

What is Powerball VIP rewards?

The VIP Rewards Program is a reward or affinity program, which provides Points for each eligible entry. Each eligible non-winning instant ticket or eligible drawing-style ticket has an assigned point value.

How do I check my Tennessee Lottery ticket?

The TN Lottery App allows you to: Use the ticket checker to scan instant and drawing-style tickets to see if they are winners. Check jackpot amounts for Tennessee Lottery jackpot drawing-style games.

Do you have to release your name if you win the Lottery in Tennessee?

Can you keep your winnings a secret? Tennessee law requires the identities of winners to be made public. But there are ways around that. Lawyers suggest you set up a blind trust or a corporation before you claim your prize.

What can you do with points on TN lottery?

Points may be used to enter VIP Rewards Drawings, which offer the chance to win cash prizes. Click VIP REWARDS DRAWINGS to view details of current and upcoming drawings, as well as deadlines for entries.

How does Tennessee Lottery play it again work?

To “Play it Again,” players simply register non-winning instant tickets via the internet ( … and that’s all there is to it—no need for postage, envelopes, or even to keep the ticket. Once the ticket is registered, the Lottery asks players to dispose of tickets properly.

Does Tennessee have a second chance Lottery?

Play It Again! gives your non-winning instant tickets another chance to be a winning ticket of the top prize for that specific game. Play It Again! drawings are held about three times each year.