How do you use complacently in a sentence?

How do you use complacently in a sentence?

1. He complacently lived out his life as a village school teacher. 2. Nanny Hawkins sticking complacently in the corner.

What does complacently mean?

1 : marked by self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies : marked by complacency : self-satisfied a complacent smile. 2 : complaisant sense 1 complacent flattery. 3 : unconcerned.

What is the difference between complaisant and complacent?

Don’t confuse complaisant with its near-homonym complacent. Both derive from the Latin complacere “to please,” but while complaisant means willing to do something to please another, complacent means smug and self-satisfied, something that you want to avoid when you’re on the winning team.

How do you use complaisant?

Meaning of complaisant in English She carried on passionate love affairs with the consent of her complaisant husband. His comment went unchallenged by the complaisant Morgan. He cursed himself inwardly for having been so complaisant for so long. He spent the next hour setting up an alibi with two complaisant friends.

What part of speech is complacently?

Complacently is the adverb form of complacent, which means “with pleasure or satisfaction.” When we say someone is behaving complacently, they’re doing something confidently, but perhaps without fear of potential dangers.

What makes someone complacent?

Fear of failure or the fear of what other people think can propel us to stay complacent, comfortable and bored. Those fears are powerful forces that can produce limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that inhibit our potential, relationships, happiness and fulfillment. Fear holds us back.

Is complaisant a negative word?

This term is often used with a negative connotation. If you are going to call someone self-complacent, this means that you believe the person is self-satisfied and often self-righteous. This term could be considered offensive to some, so be careful before using it.

How do you deal with complacency in a relationship?

10 Ways to Overcome complacency

  1. Change your mindset.
  2. Take notice and complement each other.
  3. Set aside some alone time.
  4. Shake up the routine.
  5. Be honest with yourself.
  6. Adopt a curiosity mindset about your partner.
  7. Imagine your life without them.
  8. Be grateful every day.

What is a complacent friend?

According to, complacent is “pleased, esp. with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied.”

How do you use cordiality in a sentence?

The King, at parting with our two adventurers, embraced them with the greatest cordiality. You will be pleased to receive her with the utmost cordiality, as you will receive all persons whom I present in this house.

What is cordiality in sentence?

a cordial disposition. (1) I was greeted with a show of cordiality. (2) With every evidence of cordiality and goodwill, she invited them both round for supper the following evening. (3) While assuming a pose of utmost civility and cordiality, Caroline is relentless in her campaign to undermine me.

Is smug a bad word?

It is a strangely British type of slur: nothing can be worse to a nation that cherishes self-deprecation than being seen to be too self-satisfied.

Do villagers flirt ACNH?

The mustachioed villager is a smug personality type and will occasionally flirt with the player, regardless of gender.

Who is complacent person?

(kəmpleɪsənt ) adjective. A complacent person is very pleased with themselves or feels that they do not need to do anything about a situation, even though the situation may be uncertain or dangerous.

Is complacent an insult?

How do you use the word complaisant in a sentence?

How to use complaisant in a sentence. complaisant. Sentence Examples. Strangely though, this doesn’t come over as frosty or nihilistic, but harmless and complaisant. Noah’s eyes were slightly jealous, but he was so complaisant that I figured he’d get over it in a day. And a complaisant public is also, of course, invaluable to the transaction.

What is the meaning of complacent?

It is a complacent assumption of a right to hold one’s own opinions. Many academics appeared complacent about the ongoing bombing of Afghanistan, while others viewed it with cheerful approval. He was accused, indeed, of being little more than the complacent executor of the emperor’s will, and defended himself in the Reichstag against the charge.

Is there such a thing as complacent writing?

This sense of complacent is an old one, but that hasn’t kept language critics from labeling it as an error – and on the whole, modern writers do prefer complaisant for this meaning.

Is a complaisant public worth it?

And a complaisant public is also, of course, invaluable to the transaction. In fact, if he means to keep it up, newspapers may want to send a mixed party of philosophers and wranglers, instead of complaisant hacks, to his next party conference.