How do you use anonymoX?

How do you use anonymoX?

How can I use anonymoX? To use the free version of our service, simply install our Add-On in your browser and activate it. To use our premium service, you need to order the premium at our premium website. Please refer to the Premium FAQ for further details on ordering, payment and activation of your premium service.

Do Chrome extensions work on opera?

The Opera browser has great quality-of-life tools and built-in features to improve your online life. However, everyone browses differently and requires unique tools for what they do most. Because of this, Opera enables you to not only install Opera addons, but Chrome extensions as well.

How do I add extensions to Opera browser?

Once you’ve installed the Install Chrome extensions addon, you can go to the Chrome extensions webstore and choose the extension you want. Click the Add to Opera button and follow the prompts. You will be taken to your extensions manager page where you can click Install.

How do I hide Anonymizer in Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Right-click the GreaseMonkey icon and select “Manage User Scripts.” Alternately, click “Tools” in the top menu bar, followed by “GreaseMonkey” and “Manage User Scripts.”
  2. Click on the “Google Anonymizer” item in the list of installed scripts.
  3. Uncheck the box labeled “Enabled.”

How do I manually install Opera extensions?

Open Opera and select ‘Extensions > Manage extensions’ from the menu. Drag and drop the CRX (for extensions designed for Chrome) or OEX (extensions developed for Opera) file onto the list of installed extensions.

How do I turn off Anonymizer?

Google Chrome

  1. Click the menu button on the toolbar.
  2. Select the “Tools” option and then click “Extensions.”
  3. Click the “Disable” link associated with the “Google Anonymizer” item.

Does Firefox Hide IP?

Firefox Private Network will mask your IP address providing protection from third party trackers around the web.”

Can Opera GX get a virus?

In terms of security, Opera GX is pretty safe. Like the regular Opera browser, it is based on Chromium, so it is as safe as most Chromium browsers.