How do you use a gongfu tea set?

How do you use a gongfu tea set?

The basic how-to of the modern gong fu method is actually pretty simple.

  1. Warm up. First, warm your teapot (or gaiwan) and teacups with boiling water.
  2. Rinse. Fill the teapot with tea leaves in a 5g/150ml ratio.
  3. Brew. Pour water into the brewing vessel.
  4. Serve.
  5. Repeat.

What is a tea tray used for?

Tea trays are shallow and can be of various sizes and shapes. The function of the tea tray is to hold your tea pots and cups and can be filled with any overflow of water or water discarded in the process of brewing. Some of the more common shapes of a tea tray are square, round and fan-shaped.

What is a tea tray called?

Noun. Tray for tea service. service tray. tea caddy.

What are the parts of a Chinese tea set?

Chinese tea set usually consists of tea spoon, tea clip, fair cup, tea, tea tray, teapot, kettle, cup bracket, tea cup and fragrance-smelling cup. The production materials of these tea set can be porcelain, glass, purple sand…

What is gongfu style?

The Chinese way of making tea is referred to as gongfu, meaning something that requires great skill and discipline. The gongfu style of tea is a way of making, serving, and appreciating tea that started over 1,000 years ago and still thrives today in China and Taiwan.

What is gongfu brewing?

Gongfu brewing is a ritualized form of preparing tea that works well with oolongs and puers. The Gongfu tea ceremony originated in the Song Dynasty and by the Ming Dynasty had become more widespread, used especially in Fujian and Guandong. “Gongfu” refers to something done with skill.

How do you make gongfu tea?

This is how the Gong Fu tea preparation works:

  1. First you preheat all vessels.
  2. After a few seconds you empty the china again.
  3. Now you put about 6g – 8g tea leaves in the gaiwan (or yixing).
  4. Now you pour some water over the tea leaves.
  5. Then you pour hot water into the gaiwan again and put the lid on.

What’s the difference between kung fu and Gunfu?

kung fu is the Wade Giles spelling. gong fu is the Pinyin Spelling (without tones) gōng fū is the Pinyin Spelling (with tones)

Do you drink out of a gaiwan?

To drink from the gaiwan, hold the saucer in the palm of the right hand and use the thumb to steady the cup. Using your left hand, lift the lid by the knob, tilt the lid away so that it holds back the leaves and sip the tea. Alternatively, the tea can be poured into the serving pitcher and then into the tasting cups.