How do you get moonkin stone?

How do you get moonkin stone?

To find the Moonkin Stone, take the road from Mulgore to the Barrens (pick up the flight path in Camp Taurajo). Near the border to Mulgore is a tent on the south side of the road. Walk a short way south, behind a tree, and you will see the stone.

What is a Moonkin Stone?

Moonkin Stones are large stones associated with the moonkin. They were once guarded by Lunaclaw, a moonkin that possessed within it a strength needed by druids who wanted to learn the way of the bear. Those who defeated it could ask its spirit to grant them the strength of body and strength of heart.

Where is the Moonkin Stone of Auberdine?

Description. Directly east of Auberdine lay many moonkin caves. The one closest to Auberdine has a Moonkin Stone inside it. Lunaclaw, the defender of the stone, will face you only when Cenarion Moondust is applied to it.

Where is the Moonkin Stone Mulgore?

The moonkin stone is behind the very first building on the right as you cross from Mulgore into the Southern Barrens. The coordinates for the stone are 42,61. Sprinkle the Cenarion Lunardust on the stone by left-clicking the dust in your inventory.

Is balance druid good in TBC?

They are much better in TBC though, & more fun to play (one of my 2 mains in the original TBC release was a Druid). The best fun ever for me was TBC and my druid. Raid tanking and raid healing. However, balance was always a viable option.

Can you change your moonkin appearance?

If you use Glyph of the Ursol Chameleon color of your bear form will always be random. If you don’t like how your moonkin form looks you can use Glyph of Stars. It will change your moonkin form to look like your normal humanoid form but transparent blue. Treant Form can be learned from Tome of the Wilds: Treant Form.

How do you get a Moonkin form in classic?

Moonkin Form is a talented ability for balance druids. It is the druid’s only spellcasting form. It is the last possible druid transformation you can learn, requiring at least level 40 and 31 talent points in Balance.

Where can I find Lunaclaw?

Lunaclaw is a level 12 named moonkin that can be summoned using Cenarion Moondust in either Darkshore or The Barrens. Night elf druids can summon Lunaclaw at the Moonkin Stone in the Moonkin Caves, directly east of Auberdine in Darkshore.

Where is Lunaclaw?

How do I get into Mulgore?

Go from Darnassus through Darkshore and Ashenvale to The Barrens, turn west at Camp Tauraje. Shorter – Go south from westfall into Stranglethorn Vale, take the boat from Booty Bay to Ratchet, it’s not far from there to Mulgore.

Can you heal in Moonkin Form?

Basically in moonkin form, the druid have the same armor as dire bearform, but they can cast balance spells at enemies, however the downside is that they cannot heal themselves unless they shapeshift out of the form to heal.

Where is Dreadmist peak?

the Northern Barrens
is a mountain northwest of the Crossroads in the Northern Barrens. As you climb to the top of the Peak, the atmosphere becomes red and foggy. At the top is the home of a group of Burning Blade cultists.

Is Darnassus gone?

Darnassus was ultimately destroyed in the Burning of Teldrassil. The survivors moved to Stormwind City, where they settled in the area around Olivia’s Pond with injured refugees in the Cathedral of Light, Stormwind Harbor and along the canals.

How do you get to Auberdine?

It can be reached by hippogryph or by boat, both of which will land in Rut’theran Village. From there, it is only a short walk up the hill and through a portal to get to the capital city of Darnassus, which offers banking, training, and auctioning opportunities not found in Auberdine.