How do you become a member of the Numismatic Society?

How do you become a member of the Numismatic Society?

Fellowship (membership) of the Society is open to everyone who is interested in promoting the study of all aspects of numismatics, especially coins, paper money, tokens and medals.

Where is the Numismatic Society of India?

NUMESTIC SOCIETY OF INDIA. ABOUT NSI :- Numismatic Society of India was founded on 28th December 1910 at Allahabad by a group of six persons.

Who is the father of numismatics in India?

The coin-collecting father-son duo that pioneered numismatic auctions on hunting for rare coins in Zaveri Bazaar and bank notes that fetched crores. The last time a gold sovereign was struck in Mumbai, was exactly 100 years ago,” says Farokh Todywalla , the man behind India’s largest numismatic firm.

Who is the father of numismatics?

John Allan, CB, FSA, FSA Scot, FBA (8 August 1884 – 29 August 1955) was a British numismatist and scholar of Sanskrit. Allan was a noted numismatist and produced the first systematic study of the coins the Gupta Empire, which remains a standard reference today.

What is the Numismatic Society?

The Royal Numismatic Society is the UK’s foremost society for numismatics – the study of coins, medals and related currency items.

What is the name of the Indian Numismatic Society?

The Numismatic Society of India (NSI)
The Numismatic Society of India (NSI) is the foremost numismatic society in India. It was founded in 1910 by a group of (mainly) expatriate Englishmen associated with British rule in India. The founding members were Rev. G.P.

Where is the next coin exhibition in India?


Date Event Name Address
9th Sep To 11th Sep 2022 Awadh Mudra Utsav -2022 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
16th Sep To 18th Sep 2022 MCS – 2022 Mumbai Coin Society Exhibition, MCS – 2022 Mumbai Coin Society Exhibition, World Trade Center, Cuff Parade, Mumbai, Maharashtra

How do you collect old money?

The easiest way to satisfy your desire to collect old money is through dealers, collectors, auctions and old money paper shows. You might also find the International Bank Note Society’s Journal and webpage not only very interesting but useful, as well.

How do you collect coins?

Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners

  1. 01 of 09. Start Simple and Small. James Bucki.
  2. 02 of 09. Collect What You Like.
  3. 03 of 09. Handle Coins Carefully & Store Them Properly.
  4. 04 of 09. It’s Not a Race.
  5. 05 of 09. Buy the Book.
  6. 06 of 09. Magazines and Websites.
  7. 07 of 09. Join a Coin Club.
  8. 08 of 09. Visit a Coin Show or Coin Shop.

How do I become a numismatist in India?

A postgraduate degree like M.A. in Numismatics and Archaeology, Ancient History and information studies, archives management and information management can help to get into this field. Knowledge of different currencies and coins is desirable to be a good professional.

What do u mean by Numismatic?

numismatic \noo-muz-MAT-ik\ adjective. 1 : of or relating to the study or collection of coins, tokens, and paper money. 2 : of or relating to currency : monetary. Examples: Andrew brought his father’s collection of 19th-century coins to an antique dealer to find out if any were of numismatic value.

What is the oldest gold coin?

the Lydian stater
According to different scholars, the Lydian stater is considered the world’s oldest coin still around. Made of a mix of gold and silver called electrum, these early coins were minted around 600 BCE in the kingdom of Lydia in the modern country of Turkey. These coins often featured a lion with a sunburst.