How do you beat the Dark Dragon in ff4?

How do you beat the Dark Dragon in ff4?

Strategy. Cid should use a Spider Silk, while Cecil covers Tellah who starts casting Firaga, and Yang uses a Bacchus’s Wine on himself. Once Yang goes Berserk, he will unleash a strong attack, doing well over 450 damage. Once Tellah’s Firaga goes off, the fight should be over.

How much HP does Dark Elf have?

Gameplay. The Dark Elf is faced twice as a boss during the Gronoa chapter. In both instances, he has 200,000 HP and his stats are more or less the same. The Dark Elf can attack up to thrice per turn and uses mostly ga-tier spells to assault the party repeatedly with powerful magic.

How do you beat the Dark Elf in ff4?

If the player has enough Ruby Rings, the party should be equipped with them as the Dark Elf will cast Whisper that will turn party members into pigs and the rings will offer resistance to the spell. Soon, the Dark Elf turns into a Dark Dragon to defeat them, and the real boss battle starts.

How do you beat Svartaljofurr?

So basically: bait his attack, dodge to the side, land a few hits, dodge back again to avoid his disengage attack. Repeat that ad nauseum until he gets down to about a quarter health – remember to really try hard not to get hit by his blinding ranged attacks too – and then you really need to concentrate.

Where can I find Astos?

the Whisperwind Cove
Data. Astos is the evil king of the Dark Elves in the original Final Fantasy. He is fought as a boss in the Western Keep where he is found disguised as a king. In Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls and future remakes, Astos appears in the Whisperwind Cove.

How do you beat savitar in God of War?

How many Chocobo forests are there in ff4?

five Chocobo Forests
There are five Chocobo Forests in total on the overworld, and all Chocobo Forests are found on the tile where Cecil is standing in the pictures below. A Gysahl Green can be found in the grassy area in the middle of the clearing. Southwest of Baron and Baron Castle.

Who is Astos stranger of paradise?

Astos was the Lufenian agent in Cornelia who masqueraded as the king of the dark elves, while being a organic reconnaissance unit tasked with helping Strangers play their roles as “Warriors of Light”.

How do you beat Astos in ff1?

To defeat him, physical attackers should use Attack while Hasted, as this is the first battle in which the player is likely to have access to Haste. Red and White Mages should spread around NulBolt and NulFire, and heal where necessary.

Who is the Dark Elf in Final Fantasy IV?

The Dark Elf is a character and boss in Final Fantasy IV. He has stolen a Crystal from Troia. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. ( Skip section) The Dark Elf stole the Crystal from Troia, and took it into his lair in the Lodestone Cavern. Cecil’s party decides to return it, so they can trade it to Golbez.

How do you beat the Dark Elf in Dark Dragon?

The Dark Elf is vulnerable to Tornado which is very powerful against the Dark Dragon. If the player has Tellah cast Reflect on the party, the attacks will simply bounce back onto the Dark Elf. After a few turns of this, the game moves to the cutscene, assuming the party has been defeated.

How do you use hex as a dark elf?

When the second phase begins, the Dark Elf follows a simple pattern of triple-casting Fira, Thundara, and Blizzara for low damage, casting Tornado to lower one character’s health into the single digits, and finally using Hex to turn one character into a pig .

Where can I find the dark elf spirit?

The spirit of the Dark Elf still resides in the Crystal Chamber of the Lodestone Cavern. It attacks Palom and Leonora when they enter the chamber to escape the Mysterious Girl. They engage in a fight.