How do you align the Celestron polar scope?

How do you align the Celestron polar scope?

On your hand control, click Align and follow the instructions provided. Your mount will slew to a star and it will ask you to center the star in your eyepiece. Once you have centered the star, push enter. The scope will slew to the position where the star would be if it were accurately polar aligned.

What is a polar finder scope?

The polar axis finderscope accessory is an aid for quickly polar-aligning your telescope accurately enough for visual work. It’s also great to speed up a polar alignment using the functionality of the mount’s hand control firmware. Using it is a three-step process. First, install your finder in the polar axis.

How accurate does polar alignment need to be?

For almost all work except very near the poles, polar alignment of 2′ or less is sufficient. That is reasonably easy to attain.

Can you polar align in daytime?

This alignment method works any time of day, unless the Sun is very high overhead.

How are points designated on a Losmandy GM 8 telescope?

All other points are designated by how far (how long) they lag behind this coordinate after it passes overhead moving towards the west. Your Losmandy GM 8 telescope comes equipped with setting circles that translate the celestial coordinates into a precise location for the telescope to point.

How do I install the Losmandy GM 8 polar axis finder?

Tighten the knob on the side of the mounting platform to hold the telescope in place. To aid in polar aligning the mount, your Losmandy GM 8 accepts an optional Polar Axis Finder which fits directly into the polar axis. To install: 1. Remove the polar axis end covers by rotating counterclockwise. 2.

What are the drive system specifications for the Losmandy GM 8?

Please note that these specifications are sub-ject to change without notice and stated for the Losmandy GM 8 mount with the standard accessories. The drive system uses a 2.800″ diameter 7075 aluminum gear with 180 teeth for incredibly accurate tracking.

Does the Losmandy GM 8 have periodic error?

No matter how precise, all telescope drives will have some periodic error, though it is already extremely low on the Losmandy GM 8. Using the PEC function is a two-step process.