How do the grounders say your fight is over?

How do the grounders say your fight is over?

Notable Phrases. Your fight is over: Yu gonplei ste odon. My fight is over: Ai gonplei ste odon. Our fight isn’t over: Oso gonplei nou ste odon.

What is I love you in Trigedasleng?

Imeimei — so “I love you” in trigedasleng is “Ai hod yu in”…

What language do grounders speak?

In effect, the Grounder language (called Trigedasleng) is an evolved form of English. All the words in the language come from English; the grammar and pronunciation’s just changed a little bit (and the meanings of words).

Is The 100 language real?

It’s a conlang (constructed language), derived from English and called “Trigedasleng”, created specifically for this show. For all intents and purposes it is a real language, yes, since it has its own set of grammar rules, vocabulary, etc.

Is Trikru language real?

About Trigedasleng Trigedasleng is a constructed language (conlang) developed by David J. Peterson for use on the CW show The 100. The Woods Clan (Trigedakru/Trikru) and Sand Nomads (Sanskavakru) have been heard using this language, but other groups of grounders (that is, earth-born people not born inside Mt.

How do you say may we meet again in grounder language?

May we meet again. — Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim.

What does AI Hodnes mean?

So I was wondering about in Trigedasleng if ‘Ai hodness yu’ would be I love you? ( for clarke and lexa of course) It wouldn’t, because hodnes is a noun. Saying that would definitely identify you as a non-native speaker. 😉 The verb is hod…in, so to say “I love you”, would be Ai hod yu in.

What do grounders say when someone dies?

“Your fight is over.” The Grounders have their own saying to honor the dead. This one is much less hopeful that there is an afterlife, and much more blunt and direct. It’s also catered to war and violence which encompasses the Grounder culture so well.

How do you say hi in Trigedasleng?

For “hello”, you say heya or hei; “goodbye” is leidon, or for short, leida.

What does Ogeda mean in Trigedasleng?

adjective: all, together; each, every. from: all-together.

Why do Finn’s eyes open?

After being screamed at by the poor, heartbroken Raven, Clarke watches the Grounders drag Finn’s body away – and his eyes open eerily to begin his silent judgement.

How old is Lexa?

Short Answer: Clarke is 18 and Lexa is probably 20-22. We know that Clarke was younger than 18 when she was sent to the ground: (1×01) Clarke: No.

What is Skaikru?

Sky People (also known as Arkers, or Skaikru in Trigedasleng) is a term the Grounders use for the people who came from the international space station known as the Ark. The Sky People alive today are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years before the series by living in space in the Ark.

How old is Lexa from the 100?

Short Answer: Clarke is 18 and Lexa is probably 20-22.

What does OMON Gon OSON mean in the 100?

Omon. gon. oson. All of me for all of us.

What does jus Drein jus daun mean?

“ Jus drein jus daun!”, means: May we meet again! Love is weakness! Blood must have blood! Your fight is over!

Do Clarke and Finn date?

Clarke Griffin and Finn Collins started off as friends and eventually became romantically involved in the fourth episode of Season One.