How do I schedule an appointment at the Maui DMV?

How do I schedule an appointment at the Maui DMV?

Driver License Road Test Appointments are only scheduled by calling (808) 270-8080.

How do I register my car on Maui?

Registration Renewal

  1. Mail the renewal application form along with your check for the amount indicated or submit the last issued certificate of registration.
  2. Make checks payable to County Director of Finance.
  3. Enclose the goldenrod copy of your current Vehicle Inspection Certificate if it is noted on your renewal form.

What do I need for vehicle registration Hawaii?

HI Car Registration for New Residents

  1. A completed Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle.
  2. The most recent out-of-state certificate of vehicle registration.
  3. The out-of-state title.
  4. A shipping receipt or bill of lading documenting the date of the vehicle’s arrival.
  5. A Hawaii certificate of safety inspection.

How do I make an appointment at the Nevada DMV?

Appointments for Drive Tests at all offices can be booked online below or by telephone. You must call or visit an office to change or cancel a drive test. Urban area customers are discouraged from driving to rural offices for service. They may be turned away if the offices are at their maximum service capacity.

How do I get a state ID in Maui?


  1. Complete the State of Hawaii Identification Card Application.
  2. Present required Documentation of the following. All documents must be original or certified.
  3. If the applicant is between ten (10) years old and 14 (fourteen) years old, a Parent / Guardian Affidavit must be completed.
  4. Payment of the appropriate fees.

How much does it cost to register a vehicle in Maui?

Motor Vehicles – Fee Information

Item Fee
State Fee $45.00
County Weight Tax All passenger vehicles are 1.25 cents per pound for all weights (minimum $12.00). Passenger trucks up to and including 6,500 pounds are 1.25 cents per pound (minimum $12.00). Freight vehicles and all trucks over 6,500 pounds are 2.5 cents per pound.