How do I run BD87 in SAP?

How do I run BD87 in SAP?

How to reprocess an Idoc:

  1. Go to transaction BD87.
  2. Enter Idoc number, and check that the dates are correct.
  3. Click the Execute button or press F8.
  4. To reprocess, select the Idoc status in the “IDOC in inbound processing” tree.
  5. Click the Process button.

How do I edit and reprocess IDOC?

Step 1) Open and search for the respective IDOC using T-code WE03 or WE05 and required selection parameters using the IDOC number or other suitable search parameters. Step 5) Now the data fields are editable. Edit the value which you are looking for and save. Step 6) Execute the IDOC.

How do I reprocess IDOC?

Re-process the IDOC ID

  1. Go to the Transaction “WE02“.
  2. Go to the Transaction “WE19”.
  3. Then go to the Transaction “SE37” and enter the function module (ZAU_CONCUR_IDOC_UPLD) put a break point in the function module as shown in the below.
  4. Go the Transaction “BD20“, enter the newly generated IDOC and execute.

How do I correct IDOC errors in SAP?

Tier 3 – The Status Records

  1. Display IDOC. This icon shows you a summary dialog box with the details from the Control record:
  2. Display IDOC: This opens up the IDOC in a new style view from the traditional views in WE02, WE05 or BD87.
  3. Edit IDOC:
  4. Process:
  5. Change View:
  6. Send IDOC via RFC.
  7. Compare IDOC.
  8. Change Control Record:

How do I debug a failed IDOC?


  1. Step 1 – Display IDOC with error in transaction WE02.
  2. Step 2 – View Partner profiles in transaction WE20. Using the information from step 1:
  3. Step 3 – Set breakpoint on IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM and other relevant function modules for issue concerned via SE37.
  4. Step 4 – Use transaction BD87 to debug IDOC concerned.

Can we edit IDoc in BD87?

Choose ‘Data-Record->Display-change from the menu. Change the values, Click ‘Save’, confirm the message, that the changes will be written to database (creates an idoc with the original values and status 70). Go back until you reach BD87 again. Reprocess the Idoc.