How do I contact the state of Minnesota?

How do I contact the state of Minnesota?


  1. Official Name: Minnesota.
  2. Governor: Tim Walz.
  3. Contact: Contact the governor.
  4. Phone Number: 1-651-201-3400.
  5. Toll Free: 800-657-3717.
  6. TTY: 1-800-627-3529.

Does Minnesota have a Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State of Minnesota is a constitutional officer in the executive branch of government of the U.S. State of Minnesota. Twenty-two individuals have held the office of Secretary of State since statehood. The incumbent is Steve Simon, a DFLer.

Is Minnesota a country?

Minnesota (/ˌmɪnɪˈsoʊtə/ ( listen)) is a state in the upper midwestern region of the United States….

Country United States
Before statehood Minnesota Territory
Admitted to the Union May 11, 1858 (32nd State in the Union)
Capital Saint Paul

How do I contact Minnesota revenue?

Taxpayers can contact the department by calling 651-296-3781 or 800-652-9094. Revenue continues to encourage Minnesotans who are expecting a refund and still need to file their individual income taxes to file their returns now so they can get their refund sooner.

Is the MN unemployment office open?

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except on holidays.

Where is Steve Simon from?

Steve Simon
Born December 12, 1969 Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Political party Democratic (DFL)
Spouse(s) Leia Christoffer
Children 2

How do I contact the revenue?

Revenue can deal with simpler RICT queries from companies on the phone. Call (01) 858 9843 between the hours of 9.30am to 1.30pm, Monday to Friday.

How do I speak to someone at Minnesota unemployment?

To speak to a representative:

  1. Call the automated phone system: Twin Cities area: 651-296-3644.
  2. Select a language: English, Spanish, Hmong, or Somali.
  3. Enter your Social Security number.
  4. Enter your password and then press the # key.
  5. Press 2 for other options.
  6. Press 3 for answers to commonly asked questions.

Where is MN unemployment office?

Minnesota Unemployment Office Finder

City Address Phone
Minneapolis South Unemployment Office 777 E Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407-1546 612-824000
Montevideo Unemployment Office 202 N 1st Street, Montevideo, MN 56265-1404 320-269-8819
Monticello Unemployment Office 406 E 7th St, Monticello, MN 55362-0720 763-271-3700

How do I contact the U.S. Secretary of State?

Phone Number

  1. Main Number: (877) 322-5227.
  2. TTY/TDD: (916) 651-1304.

What is the address of the U.S. Department of State?

2201 C Street Northwest, Washington, D.C.
United States Department of State

Agency overview
Jurisdiction U.S. federal government
Headquarters Harry S Truman Building 2201 C Street Northwest, Washington, D.C., U.S. 38°53′39″N 77°2′54″W
Employees 13,000 Foreign Service employees 11,000 Civil Service employees 45,000 local employees
Annual budget $52.505 billion (FY 2020)

What does ope mean in Minnesota?

oh excuse me kind
In Minnesota we don’t say “excuse me”. We say “ope” which directly translates to “oh excuse me kind sir/lady, I did not mean to bump into you, please accept my apology as I am a fellow midwesterner and meant you no harm”.