How do I access my ASUS WebStorage?

How do I access my ASUS WebStorage?

Click the metro app of ASUS WebStorage.

  1. Choose to register a new account or log in.
  2. Fill in the Email and Password.
  3. The ASUS Webstorage will send a activation letter to your registered E-mail address earlier.
  4. Start the account and go back to the ASUS WebStorage’s main screen, then you are available to the ASUS WebStorage.

How does ASUS WebStorage work?

It provides you with a free 5GB Cloud Storage so that you can upload whatever you want. You are available to any files on cloud with any devices. There is no need to take USB driver. ASUS WebStorage can not only help you synchronize data with devices but also save and automatically synchronize edited files .

How do I create an ASUS WebStorage account?

Create your ASUS Cloud ID

  1. Account Activation Code. – – –
  2. Create new account.
  3. ASUS Cloud ID (Email)
  4. Password.
  5. Re-enter password.
  6. I agree with accumulative enabler rights to this account.
  7. I agree to the ASUS “Terms of Use Notice”, ASUS “Privacy Policy”, ASUS WebStorage “Terms of Service”, ASUS WebStorage “Privacy Policy”

Is Asus cloud storage secure?

The ASUS WebStorage system is being actively abused to perform Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks, researchers say. ESET researcher Anton Cherepanov published a report detailing attack vectors related to WebStorage, ASUS’s cloud storage service, on Tuesday.

Is Asus WebStorage safe?

How do I sign in to the Asus WebStorage?

If you have already registered in the ASUS Webstorage metro application, click on the “Sign (login) in” directly. If you did not have the ASUS Webstorage account, please click “Create your Webstorage ID”

Can I use Asus WebStorage on multiple devices at once?

You can always have the data on your PC and other devices synchronized with ASUS WebStorage no matter where you are. With ASUS WebStorage, you need not separately store files on different devices, and you are able to access your files in cloud anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

What kind of files can I store on Asus WebStorage?

You are available to any Cloud files on ASUS Webstorage if there is Wi-fi ,whether you use Notebook, mobile phone or pad. You can store any files as long as you want with secure cloud storage.

How to synchronize files between the computer and the Asus WebStorage?

Set up the cloud synchronization folders, the default value is C: \\ ASUS Webstorage \\ your account \\ MySyncFolder \\ So the Cloud folder will immediately synchronize, so we can see these files in the computer If you want to share files, please click the right mouse button on the file, select the ASUS Webstorage, then click on the “Share”