How can I study general awareness for bank exams?

How can I study general awareness for bank exams?

How To Prepare General Awareness For IBPS PO Exam

  1. i) Develop Reading Habits.
  2. ii) Make Notes.
  3. iii) Watch T.V.
  4. iv) Go Through Previous Year Questions.
  5. v) Revise Regularly.
  6. vi) Prepare with Banking Awareness Books.
  7. vii) Keep Everything At Your Fingertips.
  8. viii) Practice Diligently.

What are the topics in banking awareness?

Banking Awareness Important Topics

  • Banking History and all the first in Banking.
  • RBI structure and Functions.
  • Types of Bank Accounts in India.
  • Non-Performing Assets (NPA)
  • Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act.

How do I start preparing for general awareness?

  1. Make your own notes.
  2. Consistently read newspaper.
  3. Read other sources of news such as Magazines and books.
  4. Solve lots and lots of Online GK Quizzes.
  5. Make your own tricks to remember GK notes.
  6. Be positive and do not bring negative thoughts:
  7. Believe in your memory.
  8. Download Current Affairs apps on your mobile.

How do you prepare for banking and financial awareness?

How to prepare for Banking Awareness?

  1. Topics like history, technology, banking terms, etc. must be learned well.
  2. The key is to revise on a daily basis.
  3. Try to appear for as many mock tests as you can.
  4. Keep yourself abreast with the current affairs associated with the banking sector.

How can I remember GK for long time?

Another interesting technique to remember current affairs is to take quizzes on it. Candidates can assess their learning by taking quizzes and also improve their retention of things read. By taking the same quiz multiple times, the information will definitely be stored in the memory for a longer time.

How can I remember my daily affairs?

What is the general awareness section in Bank Exams?

These bank exams are conducted for various posts, and one common topic, which is a part of the bank exam syllabus is the general awareness section. The general awareness section in banking exams comprises questions from the following topics:

Is there a blog of general awareness questions for competitive exams?

Here’s a blog of General Awareness Questions for Competitive Exams. As you know General Awareness questions are a very useful topic for Competitive and Bank Exams as Current GK Questions. So, start the practice of General Awareness Questions for Bank Exams through General Knowledge Test Series and Mock Tests .

What is the general knowledge required for a banking aspirant?

Banking General Awareness is having sound knowledge of General static features of India and across the world. Along with the banking knowledge, an aspirant must have a complete understanding of the current events of importance across the Globe and the static features of the country.

What is the importance of banking awareness?

Banking awareness forms one of the most important parts of the General awareness section for all bank exams conducted in the country. What is Banking Awareness? Banking awareness is a part of the general awareness section in the bank exams.