How can I modernize the look of my house?

How can I modernize the look of my house?

5 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Home

  1. Upgrade Fixtures & Appliances. Many older homes have dated gold or brass hardware and fixtures.
  2. Refresh Walls, Flooring, & Countertops.
  3. Create a Consistent Color Scheme & Flowing Layout.
  4. Enhance Interior Lighting.
  5. Invest in Curb Appeal.

How do you decorate a 100 year old house?

10 Decorating Tips For Older Homes

  1. Paint the walls, ceiling and trim one color to hide imperfections.
  2. If your trimwork is in good shape, paint it a neutral contrasting shade.
  3. Celebrate stained glass.
  4. Use in-window shades to keep vintage trim exposed.
  5. Use drapery to conceal awkward windows.
  6. Use airy shelving units.

Can you make an old house look new?

Paint everything white You may or may not be sick of the white on white on white trend by now but this trend isn’t going to go away when it comes to making an old home look new. Painting the walls, ceiling and trim all one colour is the easiest, cheapest and most practical way to hide imperfections and uneven walls.

How can I renovate with no money?

6 Ways to Pay for a Remodel When You Can’t Tap Home Equity

  1. Take In a Lodger.
  2. Rent Your Home Out While You’re on Vacation.
  3. Turn Your Home Into a Billboard.
  4. Get Rid of Your Private Mortgage Insurance.
  5. File an Amended Return.
  6. Check with Your Utility Company for Rebates or Special Financing.

How do you convert a traditional house into a modern home?

How to Modernize a Traditional Home

  1. Mismatched furniture helps keep a space light.
  2. Leave some bare space to keep the look clean.
  3. Use color to highlight architecture.
  4. Use contrasting colors to create sharper lines.
  5. Choose one piece of art for more visual impact.
  6. Ditch heavy drapes for sheer or natural textiles.

How do you renovate a 90s house?

6 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Update a 1990s Home

  1. Update the metal finishes – doorknobs, hinges, cabinet hardware, light fixtures and plumbing fixtures.
  2. Remove any window coverings from the ’90s, none are worth keeping.
  3. Paint or restain the cabinets (READ MORE)
  4. Countertops – laminate is the most affordable (READ MORE)

How do I update my 80s House?

Revamp your interiors with a fresh coat of paint, even over loud wallpaper to avoid removing it. Remove and dispose of any wallpaper borders, another 80s staple, before painting. For those wall-to-wall mirrors, cover them with starched fabric, draperies, stylish temporary wallpaper or remove them altogether.

How to renovate a house in Kerala?

Once past the front door, houses in Kerala usually have a hallway or an entrance that leads into the living room. Regardless of the shape, there are some basic renovations that can be commonly applied to the entryway. Lighting is an area to focus on.

How to renovate an old house?

If you are renovating an old house, make sure to change the windows to allow more light and air to flood the rooms. Instead of glass, you can choose transparent fibers which will reduce the additional costs. Also, they will make the windows lightweight. Use smart furniture ideas with storage spaces.

How to decorate an eco-friendly apartment in Kerala?

Greenery is an omnipresent theme in Kerala, so don’t be reluctant to decorate the room with a few houseplants. They add a refreshing green tinge, and they add oxygen to the environment. There are many benefits to an eco-friendly apartment. Artwork installation is another idea to bring in a fresh new look to your renovated house.

What is the size of the proposed renovation of old house?

Proposed design for the renovation of old house in 2450 Square feet (228 Square meter) (272 Square yards) Designed by Triangle Homez, Trivandrum, Kerala.