Has Bryce and Ebony left Triple J?

Has Bryce and Ebony left Triple J?

With Sally & Erica bidding us farewell, we’re amped to now announce that Bryce & Ebony will be taking over triple j Breakfast starting January 2021. Already firm fan faves, you’ll have heard Bryce & Ebony filling in on Brekkie and Drive before in 2020.

Who hosts Triple J?

After 8 years on air, triple j’s Something More program will conclude at the end of the year. For the duration of the show, Tim Shiel has been your host and cheat sheet to the future of music, digging up fresh future pop and cult electronic sounds.

Where is JJJ broadcast from?

Triple J (stylised in all lowercase) is a government-funded, national Australian radio station intended to appeal to listeners of alternative music, which began broadcasting in January 1975. The station also places a greater emphasis on broadcasting Australian content compared to commercial stations.

Who is Ebony Boadu?

Ebony Boadu is a renowned tastemaker, deeply plugged into the global music scene and her exuberant energy translates both in her sets and through the mic. Her obsession with music led her to hosting spots on FBi, SBS and MTV, before joining triple j in 2019 to soundtrack your Saturday nights on triple j’s house party.

Where are Bryce and Ebony based?

Bryce Mills and Ebony Boadu will be the new hosts of the triple J Breakfast program in 2021. The duo have filled in across triple j’s Breakfast and Drive slots throughout 2020, and now permanently replace Sally Coleman and Erica Mallett, who abruptly ended their Sally & Erica show two weeks ago.

Who reads the news on triple j?

Nas Campanella
Welcome to the triple j news team. With Nas Campanella, Alice Matthews, Steph Tiller and Dave Marchese, it’s made up of 75% woman. Journalism is competitive. We’re working in a time where women outnumber men in the media industry, but earn less and have lower status positions.

Who is Bryce Mills?

Bryce Mills is a presenter, comedian, content creator, performer and host of the Triple J Breakfast show, Bryce & Ebony. You can also find him on Instagram and listen to his podcast, God is Dead, with Campbell Walker AKA Struthless.

Who holds the Hottest 100 entries?

Wolfmother had six tracks selected, the most ever by an artist in a single countdown. Gorillaz became the third band to place twice in the Top 5. Bernard Fanning achieves a Hottest 100 No. 1 for the third time (the only artist to do so to date), including twice with Powderfinger in 1999 and 2000.

Who are Triple J’s new hack presenters?

The year Tilley started at Triple J, the youngest of these new presenters was nine. Tom Tilley, who hosted Hack for eight years, announced last week that he was moving on. Photograph: Russell Privett/ABC “We target 18- to 24-year-olds,” Wards says, while acknowledging there are plenty of listeners older than that.

What happened to the half-hour Hack on Triple J?

The previous current affairs program, The Morning Show from 9 a.m. to midday, was axed and the half-hour Hack was its replacement, from 5.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. It was hosted by Steve Cannane until mid-2006. At this point, Cannane left Triple J radio to become the current affairs reporter for their jtv program.

Who are Triple J’s new youth radio presenters?

Lucy Smith, Dave Woodhead, Avani Dias and Bryce Mills are among the new and rising talent joining the national youth broadcaster. Photograph: Triple J Lucy Smith, Dave Woodhead, Avani Dias and Bryce Mills are among the new and rising talent joining the national youth broadcaster. Photograph: Triple J E very Australian has an opinion on Triple J.

How well is Triple J hitting its target audience?

The data suggests the station’s doing a decent job at hitting the demographic, although Triple J still gets a significant share of the 25-39 age group in all major cities. This, of course, is just the radio broadcast.