Does Synology Photos support video?

Does Synology Photos support video?

With iOS/Android Synology Photos, upload photos and videos with your mobile devices or through automatic or manual photo backups.

Can Synology play mp4?

mp4 files are not playable, keep circling. AVI, MKV files are working fine.

How do I share a video on Synology?


  1. Go to any video library on the left panel, and select the videos you want to share.
  2. Click Share with the public from the Action drop-down menu.
  3. If necessary, specify a validity period.
  4. Simply copy and paste the link into emails, instant messages and web pages to share the videos with everyone.

How do I watch Synology Photos on my TV?

To access the media files stored on your Synology NAS with DLNA TV:

  1. Go to DSM > Main Menu > Media Server to enable DLNA service, press the Device button on your remote to select your Synology NAS.
  2. Media files: Go to Main Menu > Application > Media Play (USB & DLNA) > Photo5/Music/Movie.

What video format does Synology support?

All Group 1 models are capable of transcoding 3GP, 3G2, ASF, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, FLV, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MTS, MOV, QT, TP, TRP, VOB, XviD, and RMVB up to 720p. For the complete list of supported file formats in the original and transcoded streams, please see the specifications of Video Station and DS video.

How do you play a movie on Synology?

Through the Synology DS Video app, which can be installed on your phone or tablet, you can easily stream the movies or other videos stored on your Synology NAS to your TV, while using your mobile devices as a remote control to manage playback.

Can Synology transcode MKV?

Any container or file extension with codecs H. 264 (AVC), MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2, VC-1 can be transcoded up to 1080p by models in Group 1 – Type 1 and 720p by other Synology NAS models in Group 1 – Type 2. These containers can be MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, MPG, WMV and more.

How do I watch a movie on Synology?

How do I put DS video on my Samsung Smart TV?

On Samsung Smart Hub, go to the Apps page and scroll down to More Apps. Insert the USB stick into one of the USB ports of the TV (insert it after you have navigated to Apps > More Apps). Please wait for the icon of DS video to appear and launch it: This may take a bit more time as the app is launched from a USB device.

How do I play movies from my NAS to my TV?

The easiest way is to use an HDMI cable which connects to the NAS drive’s HDMI Out port to one the TV’s HDMI in ports. The great thing here is that your TV doesn’t have to be Smart TV, only it should have at least one HDMI port. However, NOT all NAS drives come with HDMI ports built-in.

Does Synology moments replace photo Station?

Synology Photos is the successor to Photo Station and Synology Moments.

Can Synology play MKV files?

And FYI it was not just audio… the MKV’s would not play at all….. Cheers! Hi, It’s likely the videos that can’t play are using the DTS or EAC3 audio format, which Synology doesn’t currently support due to patent licensing issues.

How do I play DS video on my TV?

Insert the USB stick into one of the USB ports of the TV (insert it after you have navigated to Apps > More Apps). Please wait for the icon of DS video to appear and launch it: This may take a bit more time as the app is launched from a USB device.

What video formats does Synology Video Station Support?

Why can’t I Play videos in synology photos?

If the format of your videos are not supported, they cannot be played. Synology Photos mobile app uses media players on mobile devices to play videos. Try installing third-party applications with wider support (e.g., MX Player 1 /VLC for Android or DS file/VLC for iOS), and play the video again.

Does Synology NAS support video converters?

For the video conversion type supported by Synology NAS and the applicable models, you can refer to this article. If the video format is not supported by your client device and Synology NAS, you can install third-party video converters/applications on your computer or mobile device.

Can synologi play video files on FF?

I can play almost all my video files I have in Video Station on FF (lastest version), exept those files, witch is with DTS audio encoding (DTS officialy is not supported bu Synologi because of license). Now, I can play for example .avi file with mpeg4 encoded video and AC3 (5.1) audio if I loged in like a user to video station.

Can’t I Play videos via video station/DS video?

I can’t play videos via Video Station/DS video. What can I do? The playback failure of Video Station/DS video can be caused by the following reasons: Cause: When the system is expanding or repairing a storage pool, videos cannot be played. Solution: Go to Storage Manager and check the statuses of your storage pool and volumes.