Does NTU Hall provide food?

Does NTU Hall provide food?

NTU halls do not provide meals, but not to fret. There are canteens located all around the campus that sell an extremely wide variety of food. Keep a lookout for vending machines that run 24/7, as some sell your usual snacks and drinks. Meanwhile, there are others that sell wraps, salads, and toasted sandwiches.

What happens if you fail a mod in NTU?

No. If you fail a course, you can always read it again the next time it is offered, or even read a different course to fulfill the requirements of the minor. So long as you satisfy all the requirements by the time you graduate, you will graduate with the minor.

How many canteens does NTU have?

13 canteens
NTU IS A UNIVERSITY OF FLAVOURS. With 13 canteens and a wide variety of stylish cafes, fast food joints and excellent restaurants on campus, lunch (and dinner) breaks are certainly food for thought.

Is NTU hard?

Is it difficult to get into NTU? Well, like any of the other top notch universities NTU is also a little hard to get into but nothing is hard for someone dedicated to get into the college and course one wants.

What should I pack for Hall?

Clothes & Footwear

  • Home clothes and casual wear.
  • At least 1 set of smart casual/formal for school presentations and events.
  • Undergarments.
  • Extra hangers.
  • Slippers and shoes.
  • Socks.

How do you become dean’s list NTU?

The top 5% of the cohort, subject to attaining a minimum YGPA of 4.50 and taking at least 16 AU of graded courses in the academic year, is eligible for the Dean’s list. In addition, Final Year students must attain at least a Second Upper Honours degree in order to be considered for the Dean’s List.

Can public go to NTU?

Get to NTU easily by car, public transport or via NTU’s shuttle bus service.

What is nice at NTU?

1. Japanese Fried Chicken Curry Rice. At Menya Takashi in Canteen 1, the portions are generous.

  • Xiao Long Bao. Formally situated at Canteen 1, this Xiao Long Bao stall in Canteen 2 now is perpetually plagued by long queues.
  • Ayam Penyet.
  • Ice Cream Waffles.
  • Chicken Rice.
  • Yong Tau Foo.
  • Prawn Noodles.
  • Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles.
  • What do I need for Hall check in NTU?

    To check in at your hall, please have either your matriculation card, passport or identity card. You are required to checkin in person. If you have been issued a receipt for payment of the acceptance fee, have this with you as well.

    What is first class Honours NTU?

    All undergraduates – except for those studying medicine – graduating from January will be awarded degrees according to a new nomenclature. First Class Honours will be known as Honours (Highest Distinction), Second Class (Upper) Honours as Honours (Distinction), and Second Class (Lower) Honours as Honours (Merit).

    Is NTU shuttle free?

    BY NTU SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE Campus Rider is a free shuttle bus service to and from Pioneer MRT station. Information of other Bus Services for NTU community can be found here (Intranet Access).