Does Jaedong still play?

Does Jaedong still play?

Jaedong announced his retirement from professional gaming on 1 November 2016 at the age of 26.

Is Flash still playing StarCraft?

However, the results were lopsided, where Flash was swept 0-3, ending his run. On December 1st, 2015, Flash retired from StarCraft II.

Who is the BeSt StarCraft 2 player?

Best StarCraft 2 Players

  • Maru. Maru retains his #1 spot from our previous rankings with ease.
  • Cure. Cure is a Korean StarCraft 2 player who has been active since 2011.
  • Solar. Solar is another Korean player that has been a part of KaiZi gaming.
  • Reynor.
  • Serral.
  • Rogue.
  • Maru.
  • Clem.

Is Jaedong in the military?

I am still taking it in and it really doesn’t feel real, kinda feels empty as well. I am planning to do things I wanted to do and all. I am thankful to my fans who waited for me and cheered me on!

Who is the BeSt StarCraft player?

How popular is StarCraft in Korea?

Despite this, StarCraft—where players fight each other with armies of warring galactic species—was a runaway success. Out of 11 million copies sold worldwide, 4.5 million were in South Korea. National media crowned it the “game of the people.”

What happened to Serral SC2?

After winning only a single game in the group against Jaedong, Serral was eliminated before reaching the bracket stage.

When did Jaedong win his first SC2 Championship?

After a fantastic series, Jaedong took a 4-2 victory and claimed his first championship for SC2 in 2014. Jaedong would participate at HomeStory Cup IX where in the first set of groups he was able to beat Socke and fellow Korean player YoDa to advance.

Does Flash still play SC2?

Following KT’s win in the 2010-2011 Shinhan Bank Proleague final, while recovering from surgery on his right arm, Flash started playing StarCraft II on the ladder and quickly reached the Master League. In April 2012, he was reported to be practicing SC2 again and to be enjoying the game.

When did Jaedong play his first StarCraft 2 match?

He played his first official StarCraft II match during the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2. Jaedong was one of the best players of the Brood War era, gathering no less than six premier titles (three time OnGameNet Starleague champion, two time MBCGame StarCraft League champion, and one time World Cyber Games champion).

How did Jaedong win up and down matches?

In the Up and Down Matches, Jaedong was grouped with his Brood War rival Flash, and ended up beating him in their match. Despite ending the night with the same score as Flash, Jaedong’s head to head win allowed him to place ahead of his rival, and secure third place for a shot at Code S via the Wildcard tournament.