Does Disney still have Wave phones?

Does Disney still have Wave phones?

Each stateroom will come with two Wave Phones; additional Wave Phones are available for a small fee. If your kids are needing to know the time and are without their Wave Phones, please let them know that the Youth Counselors (or any Cast Member onboard) would be happy to tell them the time whenever they ask!

What is the Disney wave phone?

The Wave phones replace the pagers that parents with children in Youth Activities were previously issued. Now parents should carry a Wave phone with them instead, in case they need to be contacted. 3. The phones work aboard ship and on Castaway Cay.

Can you text on Disney cruise?

One of the latest components added to the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App is an Onboard Chat feature. The Onboard Chat allows guest to easily communicate with free text messages with other guests currently sailing on the ship using a unique Chat Number.

Do cell phones work on Castaway Cay?

Each room also has two Wave Phones that can be used to call or message while onboard and at Castaway Cay.

Can you iMessage on Disney cruise?

iMessage usage Speaking of texting, anyone with an iPhone can use iMessage to chat with anyone else that has an iPhone, whether onboard the ship or not. You must be connected to DCL-Guest. This is a completely free feature on a Disney cruise.

How do you get free WiFi on a Disney cruise?

Get Your Free Wifi – On the day of boarding, all guests can get 50 MBs of data completely free. You just need to claim it before midnight on the day you board. Once onboard, you can get it right from a link in the Disney Cruise Line app.

Is there free WIFI on Castaway Cay?

While you won’t find free WiFi at Castaway Cay, you will still be able to utilize the Navigator app while on the island. The app is full of helpful information including schedules, deck plan maps, menus and a chat feature to communicate with other Guests onboard or on the island.

Can I use WhatsApp on a cruise?

Using messaging apps to text for free on a cruise ship If you use text messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or WhatsApp, you can use them on a cruise ship whenever you have a WiFi connection.

Can you text on a cruise ship without WIFI?

It’s possible to send and receive text messages at sea on a cellular signal, as long as you have a signal through your ship’s roaming network. (Just make sure you turn on data roaming in your settings.) Texting costs a lot less than a voice call — usually in line with standard, international “pay as you go” rates.

How do you get free WIFI on a Disney cruise?

Is there WIFI on Castaway Cay?

Does Castaway Cay have wifi? Unlike other ports of call that have free wifi, Castaway Cay does not. You need to use the internet package you purchased or the wave phones provided (see below). The Navigator app still works on this island, though, so you can stay up to date on what’s happening throughout the day.

Is food on Castaway Cay included?

Meals are included on the ship on your Disney Cruise Line vacation, and food is also included on your day at Castaway Cay. From about 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., a beach barbecue buffet is served at three different locations: Cookie’s BBQ, Cookie’s Too BBQ and Serenity BBQ.

Can I FaceTime on a cruise ship?

If the ship provides free wifi and internet, then iMessage and FaceTime would be free. Those services are always free from Apple, and you only pay something if you are charged for the internet connection you are using.

How do I communicate with my family on a cruise?

These are the best ways to stay connected while on a cruise.

  1. Walkie Talkies.
  2. Princess Cruise Line OceanMedallion.
  3. Disney Cruise Line Navigator App and Wave Phones.
  4. Cruise Line Messaging Apps.
  5. Wi-Fi Package.