Does Andersen own American Craftsman?

Does Andersen own American Craftsman?

Andersen Corp. announced today it will sell its Silver Line and American Craftsman brands, plus the rest of its hollow core vinyl window and patio door business, to Ply Gem for $190 million. The deal brings Ply Gem four Silver Line manufacturing plants and more than 4,000 employees.

What is the purpose of a dentil shelf on a door?

For that true craftsman look and architectural style, add a dentil shelf to your exterior door for that extra bit of curb appeal. The dentil shelf is installed just under the top panel or glass of the door and meant to add character.

What is craftsman molding?

Craftsman style, or more broadly, Arts and Crafts mouldings, are a combination of S4S shapes with eased edges and simple geometric design. Note: Many Craftsman style moulding catalogs and Craftsman style moulding publications are available in print for architects, builders, designers, and arts and crafts aficionados.

What is a Craftsman-style door?

These designs are notorious for stylish glass inserts and dentil shelves seen during the Arts and Crafts movement. As the name implies, Craftsman-style doors were famously hand-made by experienced woodworkers.

What are the dimensions of a craftsman double 4 door?

6’0″x6’8″ Double 4 Lite Craftsman Exterior Mahogany Door Craftsman style door, with 1/7 Flemish Glass. Mahogany frame included, matching brickmold available. Read More M36 Medium Walnut Door with sidelights.

What are the dimensions of a craftsman 3 lite entry door?

Your house will be the talk of the neighborhood when they see your new Creative Entryways wood Craftsman 3 Lite Prefinished Knotty Alder Wood Entry Door 36 in. x 80 in. entry door. Factory prefinished and prehung en Read More.

What are dentil shelves on a craftsman door?

Craftsman or “mission”-style doors commonly have a dentil shelf that sits along the exterior side of the door, just under the glass opening. Dentil shelves serve little functional purpose but mainly are used to add character and boost curb appeal as a unique accent.