Do high pressure tanning beds work better?

Do high pressure tanning beds work better?

Commercial high pressure beds are becoming more diverse and creating better tanning than traditional beds. High pressure beds release fewer ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) waves so that tanning is safer and more effective.

Can you get a base tan with a high pressure bed?

High pressure beds can allow you to safely achieve a base tan in 3-5 sessions.

What makes a tanning bed high pressure?

What is a High Pressure Tanning Bed? It is a tanning system equipped with all High Pressure lamps which are approximately 3-4 inches in length and are behind a special square UV filtered glass (usually dark in color or mirrored). With this specialized equipment, tanning is taken to its purest form.

What is the difference between high pressure tanning beds?

High-Pressure lamps produce UVA and UVB in different ratios than conventional tanning beds produce. High-pressure lamps have a much lower UVB content, reducing the risk of burning and allowing your skin to maintain a normal 28-30 day exfoliation process.

How long should I tan in a high pressure bed?

If someone has never used a tanning bed before, or has very pale skin, it is advisable to lie inside a high pressure tanning bed for five minutes or less until a base tan is achieved. With each tanning bed exposure, one may gradually increase the number of minutes.

How often can I use a high pressure tanning bed?

1-3 sessions per week is recommended to maintain your color. If starting in a high pressure tanning bed, 3 sessions should assist with building your base. In order to maintain your color, we recommend tanning once every 1-2 weeks.

How often should you tan with high pressure?

3-4 times a month
High Pressure Tanning allows you to visit the salon 3-4 times a month! One 12 minute session is equivalent to 5-6 sessions in a conventional low pressure bed, or a whole day in the Caribbean sun (wouldn’t that be nice…) A course of about 4 sessions will give you a deep, base tan.

Are more expensive tanning beds worth it?

Higher Level tanning beds have more than 55 high-pressure bulbs. High-pressure bulbs emit more UVA rays that work wonder on the skin and penetrates deeper layers of the skin. If you wish to achieve darker shade in less time, you should opt for high-level tanning beds.

Do stand-up tanning beds work better than lay down?

Lay down tanning beds may not yield even results if you are not in the proper position. Standing up can yield better, even results because you are standing with your arms held high. Your entire body is exposed to the rays this way. So, if you’re looking for more even results, try the stand-up booth.

What tanning bed makes you the darkest?

While 4-6, referred to as our “Higher Level” beds, tan on the surface level of your skin. They are great for getting you a dark color quickly because they tan the melanin found at the surface of your skin.

Do stand up tanning beds work better than lay down?

Since the UV rays in stand-up booths are stronger, you can get a quicker tan. 10 to 15 minutes in a stand-up booth can give you a deep tan. Lay-down tanning beds, on the other hand, require almost double the time. It takes around 20 minutes in a tanning bed to achieve the same results.

Do stand up tanning beds get you darker?

Stand-up booths are capable of giving you a deeper tan. The bulbs used in them give off stronger rays compared to a tanning bed. The higher intensity of the UV rays increases melanin production which results in a darker complexion. For those who want more than just a “sun-kissed” look, stand-up booths are better.

Are stand up tanning beds stronger?

Selecting a Stand-Up Tanning Bed The lights in a stand up bed are more intense, so the tanning sessions can be shorter. Most last for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is a benefit to those who do enjoy standing in place for their tanning session.

What is the highest level tanning bed?

The level 5 tanning beds are our highest-intensity and highest-quality tanning beds. Sessions are six to ten times stronger than Level 1. Tanners who use the Instant level 5 beds can get a dark, natural base tan in only two to three sessions, making it the absolute fastest way to get a natural, golden glow.

Which tanning bed is best?

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  • What are the dangers of a tanning bed?

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  • An association between UV-emitting tanning devices and cancer of the eye (ocular melanoma);
  • Both UV-A and UV-B rays causing DNA damage,which can lead to skin cancer in laboratory animals and humans; and
  • What is a Level 1 tanning bed?

    Standard Tanning Bed The standard bed is better known as a level-one bed. They are higher in UV rays than the higher-level options and are economical. Many tanners will use these beds three to four times per week. These beds will have anywhere from 24 to 32 lamps.

    What temperature should a tanning bed be?

    – Indoor tanning fact sheet – Research: Indoor tanning age restriction could reduce melanoma incidence (December 2016) – Dermatologists give young adults something to tweet about: Tanning is out (May 2012) – New survey finds tanning salons are not warning teens and young women about the dangers of tanning beds (May 2011)