Did the Phillies win the World Series in 2008?

Did the Phillies win the World Series in 2008?

The 104th edition of the World Series, it was a best-of-seven playoff between the National League (NL) champion Philadelphia Phillies and the American League (AL) champion Tampa Bay Rays; the Phillies won the series, four games to one.

What year did Phillies lose World Series?

Postseason Results

NL Championship Series Won, 4-1
NL Division Series Won, 3-1
2007 NL Division Series Lost, 3-0
1993 World Series Lost, 4-2

Did the Phillies go to the World Series in 2009?

The Phillies reached the World Series by defeating the Colorado Rockies in the best-of-five National League Division Series and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the best-of-seven NL Championship Series (NLCS).

When did the Phillies win the World Championship?

The team has only won two World Series titles, winning their first in 1980 (the last of the “Original Sixteen” Major League Baseball franchises to win a World Series), and their second in 2008. The franchise holds the world record for most ever losses by a single franchise in any professional sport.

How many blown saves did the Phillies have in 2008?

But for Lidge, failure in the form of a blown save was absent in 2008: He notched 48 saves in 48 chances, including the clinching game of the World Series. Except for blowing a save in the All-Star Game — Lidge’s quirky halftime break of sorts — he was Mr. Perfect.

Who won the 2008 MLB World Series?

Philadelphia Phillies2008 World Series / Champion

Who won the MLB championship in 2008?

How many games did the Phillies bullpen blown?

Since 2019, the Phillies’ bullpen has a 4.77 ERA, fourth-worst in baseball behind the Nationals (5.13), noncompetitive Orioles (5.20), and Rockies (5.25). The Phillies have blown 69 saves, tied for fourth.

How many blown saves did the Philadelphia Phillies have in 2021?

34 blown saves
In 2020, the Philadelphia Phillies bullpen had a 7.06 ERA, and in 2021, they had a league-leading 34 blown saves.

Who has the most blown saves in Phillies history?

In Friday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Phillies tied an MLB record with a whopping 34 blown saves with pitcher Cam Bedrosian on the mound.

Who has the most blown leads in MLB?

Most Blown Saves in MLB 2022

Team Blown Saves Save Opportunities
Yankees 6 21
Diamondbacks 6 20
Angels 6 19
Mets 6 19