Did Pontiac ever make a convertible GTO?

Did Pontiac ever make a convertible GTO?

Although Pontiac did not offer a production GTO convertible in 1972, a buyer could order a LeMans Sport convertible with either of the three GTO engines and other sporty/performance options to create a GTO in all but name.

What is the Australian version of the Pontiac GTO?

Holden Monaro
Manufacturer Holden (General Motors)
Also called Chevrolet Lumina Coupé Holden GTS Holden Limited Edition HSV Coupé GTS/GTO Pontiac GTO Vauxhall Monaro
Production 1968–1977 2001–2006
Assembly Australia: Elizabeth

How much is a 1969 GTO Judge convertible worth?

The prized beast of the show, the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible, sold for $620,000, as the crowd rose to the occasion after almost four hours of buying.

How much is a 1969 GTO worth today?

VIN Decoder **Figure based on a stock 1969 Pontiac GTO valued at $54,300 with ON rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits. Actual costs vary depending on the coverage selected, vehicle condition, province and other factors.

Is it worth buying a Pontiac GTO?

The 2004 Pontiac GTO has investment-grade potential with high performance and low production. Impressive performance and limited production numbers almost guarantee that the fifth-generation (2004-06) Pontiac GTO will be a highly collectible car someday, but recently, these cars have been selling for investment-grade prices.

How MYCH does a new GTO Pontiac cost?

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What is faster a Mustang or Pontiac GTO?

In addition to a tauter suspension than the GTO’s, the Mustang Cobra has lower-profile P275/40ZR-17 Goodyear F1 tires, which enabled the car to pull 0.88g on the skid­ pad. Set up with mild understeer, the Mustang Cobra cruised through our 700-ft. slalom at 65.6 mph, 2.6 mph faster than the Pontiac.

How much did a Pontiac GTO cost?

How much did a 1970 GTO cost new? 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Pricing When new, the GTO had a base MSRP of about $23,500. The GTO Judge of 1970 is a rare car as only 3,629 hardtop fastback coupes were made that year.